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Election Poll

terratech | 15.04.2010 18:35 | Education | Other Press | Social Struggles

With the election frenzy of the media in the past week, just where do you stand?

Whichever TV channel you watch the media frenzy to capture your attention is unavoidable, so just where do you stand on the Big Election Question being asked?

Resources over at the Unemployment Movement website are being made available which are a unique opportunity for the Indymedia members to get involved to either vote on or if not satisfied with the question to submit a poll yourself (moderated just in case of spam).

Our newest Poll asks;

Which Party will best represent Benefits Claimants?

(Benefits claimants are faced with a tough choice, do any of the Parties here offer us the Respect & Dignity afforded to the workingman.)


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  1. not sure this is wise — charlie
  2. an odd poll — DAvid
  3. More than about me — terratech
  4. my vote — Pete
  5. Ha, ha, ha. That was a joke wasn't it? — 6 of 19
  6. Torys — ateve scum