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Sophie & Jocelyn Hurndall nominated for EMMA Award - vote online!

09-05-2004 05:38

Sophie & Jocelyn Hurndall have been nominated for an EMMA Award (Public Figure of the Year).

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Hackney Stop the War film show at the Rio

08-05-2004 08:56

TODAY: Hackney Stop the War screening at the Rio Cinema, Dalston.

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Free Mario Bango Benefit Gig

07-05-2004 20:26

Mario Bango is a 21 year old Roma from Slovakia, imprisoned since March 2001 for the 'crime' of defending his younger brother when they were brutally attacked by a neo nazi skin head. Now he has been sentenced to 12 years without parole in prison for attempted murder. HIS YOUTH IS BEING STOLEN FROM HIM! FREE HIM NOW!

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Online march on the White House

07-05-2004 16:45

This is a call to action for the 29th August 2004. An online protest will be held to coincide with the Republican National Convention in New York.

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How to secure privacy in a post-9-11 world of anti-terrorist hysteria

07-05-2004 15:42

In a world of post-9-11 anti-terrorist hysteria it is more important than ever before to secure our privacy.

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Software Freedom Day, TheOpenCD version 1.4. and BLAG

07-05-2004 12:03

The first annual Software Freedom Day will be held on August 28, 2004.

The Software Freedom Day initiative intends to make the world aware of the existence, availability, and high quality of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and to encourage its use by as many people as possible. It is a global grassroots marketing campaign in which we are inviting volunteers from around the world to participate. Teams currently under development can be seen here.

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South Korea - Sky Fighters

07-05-2004 06:26

Myeong-dong Sit-in Struggle Collective's (MSSC) - migrant workers here, now striking since 175 days - latest report.

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BNP danger in schools:Indy article.

06-05-2004 16:47

Today's Independent BNP article.

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pictures from Saturday, Dublin, Mayday, anarchist block

06-05-2004 12:10

White small banners
A weekend of protest took place in Dublin around Mayday, co-inciding with the official ceremony to celebrate the expansion of the European Union and to "welcome" the new European Union memberstates, most of them from Eastern Europe.
On Saturday evening a demonstration marched into the direction of the "red zone" to express dissent with the expansion of "fortress europe" and with globalisation of trade, but with non-regards towards the people.

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06-05-2004 10:56

MILANO/ITALIA euro may day004
101 copyleft PHOTOS in linked gallery

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Cannabis March + Festie Postponed / Alternative Event on Sat

06-05-2004 10:48

Bloody british weather - events postponed til sat 5th june - which annoyingly now clashes with the Cambridge Strawberry Fair:

This saturday then why not go to the European Creative Forum day long event... and party in the evening (12 noon - 1am):

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Simultaneous Policy campaign in New Statesman

06-05-2004 09:15

You probably read it on Indymedia first, but now the news weeklies are catching up! Cambridge Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group (CAMSPAG) announced receiving its first pledge from Rosalind Gill, a LibDem candidate in the forthcoming European elections recently. This now features in an article in the 10 May issue of New Statesman on new forms of democracy.

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no oxford animal lab

05-05-2004 18:49

Anti vivisection / anti vivisection lab demonstration outside the proposed site in South Parks Road next to the notorious Dept of Experimental Psychology.
TOMORROW 3pm Thursday 6 May. There will be leaflets to give out. Bring banners etc if possible. Please be there if you possibly can.
These expiments do not save human lives. Experimenting on animals is killing people, and animals!

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Des Warren's Funeral Today

05-05-2004 16:23

NUM banner (centre) Billy Kelly NW NUM and Arthur Scargill miners' leader '84/85
Des Warren - Shrewsbury Picket 1972
The key to my cell

A real working class hero and Socialist
10-10-1937 to 24-04-2004

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International Conference of Political Prisoners

05-05-2004 15:54

As you may know, during the coming 20, 21, 22 and 23 May we shall hold an International Solidarity Conference for Political Prisoners in Miramar Palace, Donostia-San Sebastian.

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Tel Aviv, Violence against the anarchists in Mayday demo

05-05-2004 09:53

The authoritarian, statist, racist/zionist left at work to try and monopolize mayday. Business as usual.

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Dublin M3 Reclaim the Streets photos

04-05-2004 21:49

Three sound systems, live drums and pink fairies: now this is what I call a reclaim the streets party. Around a thousand people danced, played football and drank, in Dublin on May 3rd to celebrate mayday. No ricin yielding riot mob was sighted.

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URGENT ACTION: In Colombia, Police attack on May Day Demonstrators

04-05-2004 12:51

Demonstrators in Cali turned out in record numbers on May 1st to oppose the privatisation of public services including education and health care and the criminalisation of social protest imposed by the neoliberal policies of President Alvaro Uribe Velez. However, on more than five occasions during what was an otherwise peaceful protest officers from the special police force ESMAD (Anti-disturbance Squadron) employed CS and tear gas, pepper spray and used excessive force against demonstrators. The worst of such attack occurred at 12am on Calle 5, Carrera 34 outside the Parque de las Banderas.

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Dutroux: questions about autopsy-report

04-05-2004 10:37

Any weeks ago 'The Sprout' published a photo of two children of the so named Dutroux-case (Belgium) that were murdered. The official version says that Julie and Melissa 'starved to death' but the photo proved that they were murdered on a horrible way. Are the belgian media free to write openly and what may be the reason that they are obliged to silence about some subjects? What is the situation in the other European countries ?

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Des Warren died April 24th, his funeral this Wednesday 5th May

04-05-2004 08:37

Des Warren died on April 24th, his funeral is this Wednesday 5th May 11.15am at Blacon Crematorium Chester.