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"Let us work and gain the skills to rebuild our broken nation."

02-01-2009 09:02

Zimbabwean Demonstration and Delegation to 10 Downing Street

Tuesday 13th January 2009
Assemble 12:00
Richmond Terrace
(Opposite 10 Downing Street)
London SW1A

Delegation enters 10 Downing St at 12:45

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Greece: Prisoners support and more actions on New Year's Eve

01-01-2009 22:08

New year's eve, most of the people choose to stay in their houses or go to bars, all celebrating the coming of the new year. However there are people who at these times choose to stand close to those who are alone, locked away and forgotten and there are people who believe that the social struggle never ends.

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ALF Chile Torch Rodeo Club & ELF Mexico Sabotage Machines

01-01-2009 12:33

December 31, 2008 - Chile

December 30, 2008 - Mexico

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Lemma, Haya and Iman

31-12-2008 19:21

It happened at 9am this morning. We were speaking to Sabrine Naim at the time, standing and talking in the Naim family home which had been wrecked this morning. Chunks of debris – one a meter long and a foot wide - glass, and sharp slices of their own broken roof, had smashed onto beds, chairs, their kitchen and living room. Only two of their family of 12 had been home at the time. They were expecting an attack. And it came at 4am – a missile strike by an F16 on the local police station and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine offices. Smouldering rubble and rocks and dust were strewn across the heart of Beit Hanoon – the market, taxi rank and main streat littered with debris.

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SHAC Leaflets Fresh out the printers

31-12-2008 19:19

We have a new leaflet advertising the SHAC City Shakedown!

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Around the Campaigns Thursday 31st December 2008

31-12-2008 14:50

January to December 2008, 74 public Anti-Deportation Campaigns

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SHAC - Financial Supporters Of HLS Demoed In London

31-12-2008 13:09

Anyone making money out of the suffering taking place inside HLS will be held accountable.

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2000 protest in Tel Aviv against the air strikes, 27th Dec

30-12-2008 18:28

Two-thousand Israeli activists demonstrated on 27th December in Tel Aviv against yesterday’s Israeli attacks on Gaza, which killed at least 270 Palestinians and injured some 700. The demonstration, initiated and organized by the Israeli Coalition against the Siege on Gaza, included a march of activists through central Tel Aviv, from the Cinemateque square to the Ministry of Defence.

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SHAC > Demo At Harlan In Bicester

30-12-2008 17:43

Harlan in Bicester Breed Small Mamals For HLS
HLS' animal breeder gets an evening visit.

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30-12-2008 17:41

Astrazenica (Customer)
SHACtivists hit HLS' customers and suppliers in the Midlands

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Traffic Kills

30-12-2008 12:17

This is an action for pedestrians and cyclists using the ′Meetup′ formula for local networking.

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unchallenged prottest caravan could have been a bomb

29-12-2008 16:18

homeless man and dog take advantage of home
caravan dumped outside city mayors office 2 days unoticed

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Venezuela: Trade unionism between the servile bureaucracy and the hired killers

29-12-2008 16:03

The funeral of the trade unionists was a protest against the hired killers
* In the difficult times being experienced by the Venezuelan labour movement, perhaps the most dramatic issue have been the criminal acts that kills tens of trade unionists to the passivity of the pseudo-revolutionary government and the silence of his admirers from outside the country. It speaks about it this text of El Libertario # 55, January-February 2009.

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Cuba and Venezuela condemn Israeli terror and massacres in Gaza

29-12-2008 15:35

Cuba and Venezuela do what racist Britain has not done and condemned unequivocally the British and US-backed Israeli terror and massacre of over 300 Palestinian people.

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Sevilla Two need support after mass Supermarket Action.

29-12-2008 15:17

On 29 April 2006, more than hundred masqued precarious swarmed into the Plus supermarket in calle Arroyo, Sevilla. Among them, the Virgin of Precarity presented herself. For about one hour the partying precarious blocked the cash points, sang slogans calling for labour and social rights for all, and finally expropiated three trolleys packed with staple foods. Now the State is trying to frame and imprison two local union members for this collective action.

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Protest Against UK: Puppies for Queen's Hygiene?

29-12-2008 12:00

Two foot soldiers against religious extremism in southwest Asia, Hyrbyair Marri and Faiz Baluch, are being tried in London on the bidding of Pakistan army generals, though the civilian government in Islamabad wants the charges against the two dropped.

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Benefit cuts

28-12-2008 20:49

Benefit cuts

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Work-to-rule on Leeds bins

27-12-2008 22:53

Refuse collectors and street cleaners in Leeds will be taking industrial action over the Christmas period.

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Letter from AR Prisoner Luke Steele

27-12-2008 17:07

The following letter was forwarded to ELP by the British Stop Huntindon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign

Note: The letter was received at the start of the month, but as it was not posted here, as requested, thought it would be a good time for it. Here it is: