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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Riots erupt during the ESF march in Athens

08-05-2006 17:04

Patrol car
Anarchist rioters used dozens of Molotov cocktails as well as crowbars and flag poles to attack banks, stores, police cars, and police and government buildings.

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government wins appeal against brian haw's peace protest

08-05-2006 13:14

brian haw, who has camped outside parliament for nearly five years as a reminder of their genocidal war-mongering, has been told today that he will have to seek police permission to hold any further demonstration, and that they are likely to impose conditions.

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New camapigning news service starts in East London to fill news service gap

08-05-2006 13:01


Contrary to national tabloid and broadsheet headlines, the real political action is taking place locally. But the events are not reported. Not even by the local press. The council elections of 4 May 2006 showed that serious political deficit exists in localities in England which has not bee covered by the mainstream. A new campaigning news service called the EAST LONDON PRESS has been launched today. The project is aimed at filling the news deficit initially in the Borough of Tower Hamlets. Hackney, Newham are include din the pilot being phased in…

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Solidarity With Peugeot Workers 13/05/2006

08-05-2006 11:04

West Midlands Anarchists calls for solidarity demonstrations on 13/05/2006 in solidarity with the Ryton workers. In Birmingham we will be demonstrating outside the George Heath (B12 0LW) dealership in Digbeth starting at 12pm.

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07-05-2006 23:21

brian haw will either be allowed to stay in parliament square or there will be a ruling against him in the morning.

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Climate Camp - London info/planning night @ the Square

07-05-2006 22:56

*From the London area and thinking of going to the Climate Camp this summer?* London Rising Tide is hosting an open meeting at 7.30 PM on May 23rd for people who want to find out more about the camp, and discuss the idea of a London neighbourhood or barrio.

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Sharp Hill Wood musical protest, Market Sq :: The pictures

07-05-2006 21:56

On Saturday Afternoon, protesters opposing the construction of 1,200 homes in a wooded area near Nottingham held a musical protest at the city's main square.

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Chilean 'Socialist' Authorities use force 2 transfer the Mapuche Prisoners

07-05-2006 17:31

other world are possible...
After 55 days on hunger strike and 2 weeks of unfruitful negotiations with the central authorities, the hunger-strikers were transferred to the Regional Hospital by the Special Forces.

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Venezuela - World Social Forum and work in the barrios

07-05-2006 15:25

This January a delegation from the London-based Venezuela Information centre went to the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela. There were representatives from Student Unions, the Greater London Authority, the Green Party, Trade Unions, journalists and academics. The majority of the group came from the north of the UK.

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a noisy protest

07-05-2006 00:10

just a link to coverage of a noisy demo today against a housing plan

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Women of Zimbabwe - mass arrests over schooling demonstration

06-05-2006 22:08

Over a hundred Zimbabweans are currently in detention for demonstrating against a 1000% increase in schooling fees.

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Bastard Brood of Che: #7: May Day 2006 Celebration

06-05-2006 17:59

As part of the May Day festivities, Moshe changes his name to reflect his new revolutionary identity.

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!st 'Schnews' from Dover Live Exports demo

06-05-2006 14:57

A brief account of today's Live Exports demo in Dover,kent

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It's time to kick Robert West out of the Tory party

06-05-2006 12:25

CCoB leader should be booted out now

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Bournemouths Critical Cycle Mass

06-05-2006 07:53

Bournemouths first critical mass 1pm, Saturday 27th May starting at Lansdowne roundabout.

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Urgent Action Request - prevent deportation tomorrow

06-05-2006 03:30

To prevent forced deportation of mother & son to Uganda at 6.35 am tomorrow

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Bastard Brood of Che: #7: May Day 2006 Celebration

06-05-2006 02:13

As part of the May Day festivities, Moshe changes his name to reflect his new revolutionary identity.

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Help - Developers on the rampage

05-05-2006 17:37

Not a article a ssuch, more a plea for help to support individual under the cosh from developers in the East End vis-a-vis "The Olympics".

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English Partnerships – A Request To Consider Negligence And Vandalism At The Top

05-05-2006 14:15

English Partnerships Logo Corporate Head Quarters London
Tuesday 2nd May 2006, English Partnerships installed a new Chief Executive Officer at Corporate Headquarters in London. A Crest Nicholson-evicted houseboat Family of 7 from Wales, hand-delivered an urgent letter of appeal for ‘help’, to Mrs Margaret Ford – Chair, and The Board of Directors.

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Campaigners plan unique guided tour to 'Leeds, the city of asylum shame'

05-05-2006 14:07

Campaigners working to support detained and destitute asylum seekers in Leeds and fight their deportation from the UK are planning a distinctly 'alternative' guided tour of the city tomorrow (Saturday 6 May).