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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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John Moores Students Protest Against Cuts

25-03-2009 23:22

Making placards in Next To Nowhere social centre
John Moores Vice Chancellor Michael Brown fled a group of 150 angry students and their supporters in his BMW (complete with JMU 1 numberplate) this afternoon. In doing so, he postponed a showdown over his plans to cut thirty-four courses from September.

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Bristol - Greek revolt info tour & solidarity fundraiser

25-03-2009 23:02

Greek benefit flyer - front
News from Greece may be being whitewashed out of the mainstream media, but its still going off big time over there, and the European bosses and politicans remain terrified its gonna go off in their countries soon.
So its all going a bit Greek in Bristol this weekend:
Friday 27 March, 7.30pm at Kebele social centre - Greek Revolt Info Tour
Saturday 28 March, 8pm to 2am - Bristol's Big Greek Benefit - Viva La Resisdance

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Natasha Avery moved prison

25-03-2009 19:58

Natasha Avery was moved yesturday to HMP Send, Ripley Road, Woking, Surrey GU23 7LJ. Natasha is a commited vegan activist, who has dedicated her life to saving animals from abuse.

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Protest at Yarl’s Wood Migrant Prison

25-03-2009 13:49

The march
On Saturday No Borders activists from South Wales joined around 200 people from across the country in Bedford for a march on Yarl’s wood immigration prison to call for an end to the detention of migrants. This particular facility has the capacity to hold 405 people, and specialises in locking up children. The march coincided with other protests against immigration detention centres in Manchester and Edinburgh.

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 25th March 2009

25-03-2009 12:13

Sandrine Mbuyi Ntambwe, Still here, Still fighting

"Sandrine was already on the plane; a late successful injunction got her off the flight and returned to Yarl's Wood. She is not to be removed from the jurisdiction of the UK pending the oral hearing of her application for permission for judicial review refused on papers on 13th March 2009.

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Main countries of destination for asylum seekers in 2008

25-03-2009 09:11

United States (49,000), Canada (36,900), France (35,200), Italy (31,200) and the United Kingdom (30,500)

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Fight Speciesism! #8 - Out Now

25-03-2009 01:07

Spring 2009 issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.

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Burma Resistance Day

24-03-2009 14:32

Endorsing regime’s 2010 elections game plan would lead Burma to full scale catastrophe and Burmese people will have to pay for the prices very dearly.

Military rule would be legitimized under the constitution which adopted unilaterally in which 25% of the parliamentary seats are for military personnel who will be appointed directly by commander in chief of the army.

Constitution cannot be amended without having more than 75% of the parliamentary votes and president must have the military background and got the authority of dissolving the parliament at any time whenever he thinks is necessary. The elections of 2010 will definitely not be free and fair even though accepting 2010 elections game plan is out of question.The Importance of 1990 Elections Results of Burma!

Military regime held the General Elections on 27 May 1990 due to the continuous domestic and international pressure. National League for Democracy led by Aung San Suu Kyi won the landslide victory by 89.9% of the vote.

The generals refused to honour it and arrested Aung San Suu Kyi, student leaders and NLD members. By refusing to honour the results of the 1990 election, the military regime made it clear to the world that they do not put people’s will first. The results of these elections will remain valid until such time as the Members of Parliament elected in 1990 by the people have had a chance to get together and decide what the next step is going to be.

The world has to make certain that the outcome of these elections is honoured. If we fall for the trap of junta’s 2010 election plan, it means we (International Community) show the green light to the regime that we are with them and desert the people.

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Call for Summer of Resistance‭ ‬2009‭

24-03-2009 13:14

Collapse the security architectures‭!
Against NATO, G20, G8, Frontex and the “Stockholm Programme”!

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Extreme Rightism Among German Students (Trans)

24-03-2009 00:22

I am a teacher in a technical high school in the northern edge of region of Ruhr. Our school at the present has about 500 students, of which about 40% are immigrants. The recent study [exposing right wing tendencies in schools] captures relatively well what I have been noticing for years. The gulf between children of German background and immigrants is not shrinking; rather, it’s growing steadily, digging in deeper. More and more of those who once stood alongside each other now stand against one another. Racist ideas are spreading.

Translation of Original Article

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Request from Climate Camp’s Legal Support Team

24-03-2009 00:12

At the last climate camp it was difficult to track down video footage for the lawyers/arrestees; the hope that a central database would come together did not come together as well as we would have liked.

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Save Victoria Baths Campaign, Still need to be active

23-03-2009 22:38

On saturday 21 March, members of the Save Victoria Baths Campaign were out in the Market Square collecting signatures on their petition to the council.

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Tamil Diaspora Protest

23-03-2009 22:23

Tamil Diaspora Protest Picture
A picture of a protest by the Tamil Diaspora people

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Presence of Malice: UK Activists v. Lee Hall

23-03-2009 19:34

Due to these sundry laws and numerous injunctions, aboveground activists found that they were told where they could protest, for how long, with how many people, and what they could and could not say. Home demonstrations were prohibited, and the state placed increasingly severe restrictions on activist use of Internet sites, as those arrested for the crime of MDA have received hefty jail sentences.

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Bite Back #14 Out Now

23-03-2009 14:57

Bite Back #14
Check out the new issue of Bite Back magazine featuring an essay by Will Potter about the making of an animal rights "terrorist" (the Fran Trutt story), a review of a Louisiana cockfighter's battle with his insurance company following an ALF arson, the story of the Hawkeye Mink Cooperative break-in, a look back at 2008, news, prisoner letters, action reports from around the world and more! 36 pages.

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In the Name of Iraq? Luton Protesters Are Out of Touch

23-03-2009 13:56

Many Arabs believe the group was even exploiting the Iraqi question to stir up racist divisions

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We Stand with the Iranian Students - Solidarity Action

23-03-2009 13:04

We will be holding a demonstration outside of the students union and collecting letters to be sent to the Iranian Embassy calling for our comrades immediate release. We will also be collecting signatures for a petition against sanctions to be sent to the Foreign Office.

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Beyond the G20 London summit

23-03-2009 11:42

Bourgeois attempts
to channel proletarian struggles on an international scale
Invariant struggle
for the proletarian rupture

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London Critical Mass sound systems.

23-03-2009 07:47

The Critical Mass (CM) ride is often accompanied by cycle sound systems, which the police in the past have silenced in the vicinity of Parliament.