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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Femicide in the Aftermath of Guatemalan Civil War

22-04-2007 14:14

Actress Samantha Mathis discusses violence against women in Guatemala, including the recent increase of murders. This article is adapted from her testimony before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus on September 13, 2006.

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MAYDAY 07 - Camberwell Squatted Centre in Court but unbowed!!!

22-04-2007 00:03


So… the Squat Centre at 192 Warham Street, Camberwell, has received
papers… The owners of the building, so called, are seeking possession
the place, taking us to Lambeth County Court…on Tuesday May 1st! Yes,
Mayday! Well we weren’t going to work that day anyway…

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Pics: Stop New Gatwick Detention Centre Demo

21-04-2007 23:09

The sun was shining today in Crawley, West Sussex, when over 100 people took part in a demonstration trough the town centre. The protest was called by the NoBorders network to show opposition to the planned building of a new migrants detention centre near Gatwick airport. The new prison for refugees and asylum seekers aims to 'accommodate' 400 detainees when it gets built. Here there are some photos of de demo:

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Sheffield ESOL Demo Photos

21-04-2007 20:30

Protestors marched through the streets of Sheffield on 21st April 2007 to oppose the abolition of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

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Vote Nobody! Campaign hits Cardiff city centre (w/ resized pics!)

21-04-2007 19:29

"Cardiff Anarchist Network", "" &"Nobody Represents You"
Nobody represents you! The Welsh Vote Nobody campaign continued in Cardiff city centre today...

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Merseyside May Day March and Rally

21-04-2007 18:59

Save our public services!

Say no to racism!

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Shut down G8 Summit! Conflicts make Europe

21-04-2007 09:51

Shut down G8 Summit!
Saturday April 14th, 2007 15:59 Shut down G8 Summit! Conflicts make Europe

This weekend in the city of Rostock there have been three days of discussion rounds to prepare the demonstrations against the G8 meeting.

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The Vortex eviction

21-04-2007 08:26

Action taken against bailiffs and Midda

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Stewart Alexander Enters Race for President

21-04-2007 03:26

Recently the Peace and Freedom Party launched a nationwide presidential search campaign seeking candidates for President of the United States; this week Stewart A. Alexander is the first candidate to formally announce his candidacy as a Peace and Freedom Party candidate for president.

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Blood diamonds tour launches in U.S.

20-04-2007 21:12

Touring Uhuru leaders say “All diamonds are blood diamonds”;
seek African indigenous control of Africa’s natural wealth

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10 Downing Street E-petition to abolish the Local Government Ombudsman

20-04-2007 13:42

Sir Geoffrey Chipperfield recommended abolition of the LGO because they were an unnecessary institution whose work could best be carried out by other bodies. His report was subverted by the interference of the then LGO and its allies. Since then the LGO has demonstrably failed to improve the system, and continues to exclude the public interest from their remit. Irrefutable evidence of its dishonesty and bias has been gathered by LGOWatch since 2003. The LGO is counter-productive to effective management in local government and a blight on the human rights of citizens looking to this publicly funded institution to act in good faith. On the rare occasions when it is found, the intervention of the LGO tends to entrench maladministration rather than put a stop to it. The continuance of this office is not in the public interest.

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1807 Bill.

20-04-2007 12:55

Since a number of other colony rulers are coming out of the dark ,why not "America",maybe they need a push in the area of being "Human".

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Rally: Free Mumia Now! Speakers announced

20-04-2007 11:20

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an innocent man!
Free Mumia Now!
Mumia's life is in danger - mobilise now!

Rally, sponsored by the Partisan Defence Committee

Saturday 5 May, 1 pm
University of London Union, Room 3C&D,
Malet Street, London WC1

Abolish the racist death penalty!

Contact the PDC on 020 7281 5504 or at for more information and to help build the rally. Distribute the attached leaflet to your friends, fellow workers and organisations.

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Campain for the Defense of the Indigenous´ and Peasants´ Land of Chiapas

20-04-2007 08:59

we convoke all civil and social organizations and persons of good faith to participate in the Brigades of Observation for the Land and the Territory (BOTT)

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Action Alert: Police attack in India

19-04-2007 22:49

Today, 19 April, 2007 police opened fire on 4000 Adivasis (indigenous communities) in Ghateha village in Teothar Tehsil in the Rewa District of the State of Madhya Pradesh in India under the supervision of Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), SDOP and Circle Officer.

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What is Blair waiting for?

19-04-2007 22:41

A worrying thought from The Peoples United Collective.

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gathering anticivilization 2007

19-04-2007 21:33

After the success of the last gathering in Tavertet, we are calling for a new one this year. It will take place the 8, 9, 10 and 11 of September.

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Letter from David Vengas Reyes, political prisoner in Oaxaca

19-04-2007 20:21

Letter from David Vengas Reyes, political prisoner in Oaxaca

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"Democratising Democracy" at CSSGJ

19-04-2007 08:53

What is democracy today? How does the democracy of activists and indigenous peoples differ from the democracy of representatives, elites and business? what can we learn about democracy from studying the margins of contemporary society?

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Iraqi gays are targets of killings

18-04-2007 19:45

The persecution of Iraq's Lesbian and Gay community by Government backed death squads, has been a great cause of concern for international human rights organisations.