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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G4S Targeted

18-06-2008 16:11

Late on Sunday 15th June, G4S (Group 4 Security) depot in Portland Square, Bristol, was attacked by dedicated individuals. 3 vehicles were beaten up with sledgehammers in revenge for the beatings G4S give out to innocent migrants every day, in the course of their 'business'

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CIA Malta Talons Hold Trusts In Golden Triangle

18-06-2008 15:22

Maltese Intelligence Trusts In Golden Triangle
EURO-AMERICAN MONEY FUND TRUST - Trust Group 3 of 14 Trust Groups' pooled assets balancing global economies, saw Trust Group 8 - led by Georges Pebereau of BANK INDO-SUEZ - with Günter Berthold Horn as the Western representative for inheritors of Golden Triangle China Triad Family gold bullion and more.

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Upcoming Events at Bowl Court Social Centre

18-06-2008 14:47

Although bailiffs may be on their way Bowl Court Social Centre is still running with events planned for every night this week. If you would like to get involved in the space or propose an event why not email, pop in for a cuppa or come to our regular monday night meetings from 7pm onwards. Keep updated at

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No Platform for the IOM

18-06-2008 13:45

Picket - Thursday 19th June 10pm-6pm
To coincide with "IOM Day" being held as part of Bristol's Refugee Week
activities at the Pierian Centre, Portland Square, St Pauls, Bristol

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Break the chains

17-06-2008 22:52

Report of the solidarity event with political prisoners of imperialism 14 June 2008

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Incidents of Serious Self-Harm in Removal Centres up 54%

17-06-2008 18:29

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention 1st Quarter 2008 Jan/Feb/Mar

There were 48 incidents of Self-Harm requiring medical treatment in Jan/Feb/Mar 2008 this is an increase of 54% on the last quarter of 2007 Oct/Nov/Dec during which time there were 31 incidents.

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Squatted SCUMFEST punkathon raises £2000 for good causes

17-06-2008 17:46

This years punkathon SCUMFEST helded last weekend in a squatted car showrooms at EAST HILL, WANDSWORTH LONDON SW18 went brilliantly. Loads of bands from all over the place played and cops and the dim owners left it alone (more or less).

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UNISON's witchhunt of anti-New Labour activists intensifies

17-06-2008 17:32

Excellent chance of it all hitting the fan at Unison conference today: the four left-leaning union activists that the union bureaucracy is presently trying to expel are holding a special protest meeting. It’s a meeting which anybody who is anybody in Unison has a substantial stake in.

The union bureaucracy’s witchhunt of these four respected officers is easily the biggest issue at conference this year. There are those who think that the union’s future is written in this battle. Either left or the right in the union must win.

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We've changed our address.

17-06-2008 17:10

We've changed our address.

London Against Camden Danger Lab
BM 8735

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British Government rejects Scientology petition - again

17-06-2008 17:08

Earlier this year, a petition was submitted to the British government calling for an investigation into links between UK Police and the Church of Scientology, a notorious international cult with an array of front groups at its disposal. The petition was dismissed out of hand, with a quote from a representative not even involved with the forces in question.

More recently, a second petition was submitted, this one calling for the British government to refrain from granting the Church of Scientology religious (and therefore tax-exempt) status. Today Number 10 issued its response. Take a guess what it was.

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Atenco Political Prisoners

17-06-2008 15:42

On 3 and 4 of May, 2006, more than 2,500 state and federal Mexican police arrived at the small town of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico State, to repress members of a social movement (People´s Front in Defence of Land, FPDT) protesting in support of local flower sellers who had been displaced from their traditional place of work because the government was planning to build there a Wall Mart.

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Charged - "Fitwatchers" arrested at STWC March, March 15. Update

17-06-2008 13:08

Having been arrested under Sec 241 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 for "intimidation or annoyance by violence or otherwise" towards the FIT team, 3 of the 4 arrestees have now been charged with the less obscure charge of Obstruct Police.

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On Zimbabwe, Western left follows agenda set by capitalist elite

17-06-2008 03:01

AS shown by commentators on Indymedia!

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John McDonnell MP at Hands Off the People of Iran Weekend School

16-06-2008 22:41

John McDonnell MP addresses the June 14-15 2008 weekend school of Hands Off the People of Iran. He argues that anti-war activists in Britain should not only oppose imperialism's war plans, but also be in active solidarity with the workers, women's and students movements in Iran.

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Somalian protest against US-backed Ethiopian invasion, 15.06.08

16-06-2008 20:56

UK, London. Somalian anti-Ethiopian/US invasion protest. 2008
Alongside the more talked about anti-Bush protest in Parliament Square on Sunday was another less well-known protest, whose protesters were happy to be swept up by the anti-US throng.
This was the Somalian protest against an Ethiopian invasion into their country- an invasion which is publicly backed by the USA because they see the Somalian rebel leaders as dangerous terrorists associated with al-Qaida.

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Osaka Riots A Personal Account

16-06-2008 16:31

This is one persons account of the riots in Osaka, the time they are talking about is Friday 13th the day of the G8 Finance Ministers meeting.

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Housing association police state

16-06-2008 15:38

CCTV watching our every move, arbitrary arrest and detention under terrorism legislation to stifle protest and dissent, banning of the film On the Verge, 42 days detention for suspected terrorists. Day by day our civil liberties and human rights are being eroded and taken away. Housing associations are now part of the surveillance society.

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Fast for justice in India

16-06-2008 13:25

I want to alert folk in the UK to a couple of campaigns that are happening right now. Both relate to India and both are of particular interest in that they are using the technique of fasting as a way of drawing attention to the struggle. I have pledged to support the first campaign by participating in the fast; others may be interested in how they can offer their support.

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Manpower Offices Shut Down.

16-06-2008 13:20

Manpower shut down.
Autonomous working class activists shut down the offices of Manpower in Sheffield city centre by d-locking the doors closed and filling the locks with glue. Posters were fly-posted onto the windows publicising the companies exploitation of migrant workers and anti-union politicies.

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All-Day Friday

16-06-2008 11:24

A new non-profit café opens in Cambridge on Jesus Lane. The café will serve a healthy affordabe meal, cakes, coffees and teas from 10am to 11pm.