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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pics from Arundel 2'nd bypass protest march

30-06-2003 01:29

The road will cross this water meadow on 30 metre high stilts
Protesters walked the proposed route of the second Arundel bypass which threatens to destroy a beautiful part of the South Downs, the river Arun water meadows and many acres of mixed forest.
The 2 last photos are VERY wide 360 degree panoramas and may take a minute or two to download. To see the entire picture, scroll them sideways using the thumb slider at the bottom of your browser.

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Evian an Thessaloniki Solidarity in Berlin

29-06-2003 12:07

Actions and Demos in Berlin in Solidarity with those arrested in Thessaloniki and Evian.

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29-06-2003 11:31

Organising meeting for a sheffield social forum

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Film and Public Meeting on Thessaloniki Prisoners

29-06-2003 11:28

CAPTURED ON FILM - Beaten Up and Fitted Up in Saloniki

Film and Public Meeting hosted by Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity

Tuesday 1 July, 8pm at London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1

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Comment on Tommy Sheridan statement

29-06-2003 01:28

Several weeks ago, Scottish Socialist Party MSP Tommy Sheridan gave a long interview in which, among other things, he said that his goal was a Scotland that would be attractive to big business investment. The following letter (from Labor's Militant Voice, USA) expresses concern over this and where it could be leading. Alan McCombes of the International Socialist Movement and the SSP has replied to this note. His reply follows on this thread.

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Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Benefit gig

28-06-2003 23:50

Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Benefit Gig.
Friday 4th July.

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Make trade fair

28-06-2003 16:47

Make trade fair
24 hours for trade justice, 27-28 June 2003

The Trade Justice Movement’s major event happened this morning from 10am till about 12.30
At Oxford Town Hall
Trade Justice event supported by Oxfam, Christian Aid
and WDM

Andrew Smith, MP for East Oxford, came and discussed trade issues in an open meeting with people from his constituency. Antiwar activists protested outside due to his pro war stance and a refusal to engage in a public debate about the war. Evan Harris also came and talked with his constituency.

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Anarchist Youth Network Gathering 25-27 July

28-06-2003 11:59

Coming up is the annual AYN Summer Gathering!
This year it is taking place from Friday evening, 25th to Sunday morning 27th July.

Hosted by London Anarchist Youth it will take place near central London and will consist of a bunch of social events, organising meetings, discussion, workshops, filmshowings etc.

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Another US soldier killed in Iraq

28-06-2003 10:50

Further Iraqi attacks on US troops lead to one US soldier killed and four wounded in a "disquieting drumbeat of guerrilla-style attacks". An Iraqi boy was killed by American soldiers who mistook him for a gunman. American officials admit that the attacks are hampering "reconstruction".

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28-06-2003 09:22

There are many ways that we can support Simon Chapman and show our solidarity with the 8 prisoners.

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Solidarity in Greece

27-06-2003 15:51

Prostesters in Thessaloniki treated barbarically by the authorities and judical system

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US soldier killed in ambush in southern Iraq

27-06-2003 11:39

A US soldier killed in an ambush on June 27 near Najaf, in mainly Shi'a southern Iraq, according to US military on the 28th. Two other US servicemen posted north of Baghdad are missing, possibly kidnapped.

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Stonehenge :: Summer Solstice 2003 Pictures

27-06-2003 10:26

Have made a 'best edit' selection from my jaunt to Stonehenge, to celebrate the Summer Solstice, but still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there. This is the Photo - record of my time there.

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A Report from Thessaloniki (1)

26-06-2003 20:06

The international demonstration against fortress Europe and the EU of neoliberal capitalism and war taking place in Thessaloniki on Saturday 21/6/03 ended up fragmented, divided and under police repression. Anarchists and riot police were in direct confrontation for hours. The other blocks demonstrated peacefully and ended the night with a music festival. No solidarity towards the besieged black block was given.

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26-06-2003 19:40

The Human Emancipation Movement is ready to come out.

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US soldier killed near Baghdad airport

26-06-2003 09:23

At least one US soldier killed on morning of June 26 in an ambush near Baghdad airport, according to AP. The aftermath of the deaths of British troops in Majar is reported, as is a claim of responsibility for attacks by a previously unknown Iraqi group.

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Detention of families at Dungavel Detention centre

26-06-2003 00:29

Scottish MPs/ Amnesty International/Refugee and Faith groups Voice Concerns over detention of families at Dungavel Removal/detention centre.
Press release of the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC),

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No to the M74 Northern Extension in Glasgow

25-06-2003 18:11

The Scottish Executive plans to build a 6-lane elevated motorway through the southern suburbs of Glasgow. The M74 Northern Extension, would cost about £375-500 million and would be the most expensive transport project in Scotland.
JAM74, a coalition of community, environmental and sustainable transport groups, believes this 1960s-style road planning will cause pollution, health problems, community breakdown and won't free up traffic or bring the jobs that are promised and calls for a halt to the road plans and independant research on alternative transport options.

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Early! Islamic History Beyond Arabia

25-06-2003 17:18

From Slavery to Leadership: Muslim Minorities in North America
Imam Khalid Griggs - Imam and National Community Leader, North Carolina
Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and Jameel Al-Ameen are perhaps a few names that cross our minds when we think of the evolution of Muslim identity and community in North America. However, what often escapes our
notice is the exemplary model of sacrifice, dedication, discipline, dignity, generosity, and cooperation exercised by innumerable common Muslims, beginning with the civil rights movement led by thousands of Muslim
African slaves and their descendents, the struggle of First Nations' indigenous Muslims, as well as the presence of millions of Arab and South Asian Muslims immigrants to North America.

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Day of action about unexploded bombs in Iraq

25-06-2003 16:11

Tell the UK Government: Clear up your deadly litter.
Day of action in London, Friday 11th July.

Join us in London on the 11th July to campaign (non-violently) against the use of cluster bombs by coalition forces, and to show the British Government that we expect them to clear up their deadly litter ASAP, and to agree never to use such weapons again.

Meet at 10 am in Parliament Square.

- cover Whitehall and the surrounding area with paper cluster bombs,
- balloon ‘cluster bomb’ release at midday outside the Houses of Parliament,
- followed by a demonstration outside Parliament.