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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Urgent support needed for PGA Asia conference

13-05-2004 14:49

The Asian regional and gender conference of Peoples' Global Action (Dhaka, Bangladesh) is in urgent need of financial support. One of the funders has backed down in last minute and now we are facing not having enough money. We need to get a minimum of 10,000 Euros from a miracle in less than 7 days.

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Colombian paramilitaries prepare coup in Venezuela

13-05-2004 14:07

Another coup attempt has failed in Venezuela. 88 Colombian paramilitaries were captured in Caracas while training for an assault on a military installation. According to Venezuela’s ambassador in Bogota, the detained are Colombian ex-military, and the possible involvement of Colombian authorities is under investigation.

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Hunt Saboteur wins £5,500 pay out from Wiltshire Police

13-05-2004 11:59

Hunt Saboteur wins £5,500 pay out from Wiltshire Police
following wrongful arrest at pheasant shoot

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Tonight - INFONIGHT @ Tufnell Park SC

13-05-2004 11:01

Londonrising Tide INFONIGHT @ Occupied Social Centre 'Ex-Grand Banks' 156 - 158 Fortess Road, Tufnell Park, London NW5

Films, Speakers, Listeners, Eaters, Drinkers, Planners & Plotters.

War Oil Climate Chaos Baku Ceyhan Shakalin Cabron Trading C&C Art&Solidarity Eko Beer Car Smashing Tombola Cafe Rebeldia Love Rage :lRT

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Stop Proxy Wars in Africa.

13-05-2004 00:20

After Iraq, the US intends to get at least one-quarter of its oil from

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precarious protest at cannes

12-05-2004 22:07

more info at and

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Fortress Dublin? Report by Dublin Grassroots Network

12-05-2004 08:25

Fortress Dublin? - The criminalisation of protest and the demonisation of dissent.

It consists of two parts: firstly a chronicle of recent events giving rise to concern from the moment of the banning of the Farmleigh march; secondly a dossier of "dirty tricks" which we prepared before the banning of the march and released on Friday, April 30th.

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Urgent: Demand the release of haitian activist So Anne

12-05-2004 03:31

United States Marines have arrested Anne Auguste (So Anne), a prominent Haitian singer and humanitarian activist. A sizeable contingent of marines attacked So Anne’s home in Port-Au-Prince, where she was recuperating from surgery. They detained eleven friends and family, who were handcuffed and taken away, including two young children (ages five and twelve years old). The military ransacked the house. The U.S. Marines apparently still hold So Anne incommunicado.

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The Four Day Week

11-05-2004 19:08

"The neoliberal medicine Less State and More Market does not work.. That the neoliberal medicine does not heal the economy and society but damages them must be clear to everyone who hasn't succumbed to the neoliberal delusion. Whoever forces employees to longer and more intensive work with falling wages and excludes more and more people from regular paid work intensifies the crisis." translated from the German

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OCSET Mark 2 - transformation from a dreary dump to a magic cave

11-05-2004 18:47

New social centre on the Cowley Road Oxford has become a Thing of Beauty!!

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Fallujah Victory Celebrations

11-05-2004 18:27

Fallujah Rebels, Residents, Police Celebrate Victory over U.S. Marines

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BRISTOL STW Regional News : 11th May 2004

11-05-2004 01:18

Get The MEGA BUS to London for as little as £2.50 Return
(weekdays). See Sections 2 & 4 For Key London Protests.
Visit :

DOWNLOAD : A free magazine-style version of the newsletter is available.
Please print out copies & give or sell them to people who don't have email.
Visit :

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Galeropia: call for articles, inks and digital media

10-05-2004 21:56

This is an open call for articles, inks, digital media or audio files on the topic of insurgency. The work will appear in the first issue of Galeropia, a digital magazine produced by Why War?. Galeropia's vision is a nonviolent theory and practice more potent than the prevailing reliance on polemics and death. Our method will be a targeted expansion of the movement's self-knowledge, aesthetics and practice.

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Tom Hurndall Killer's Trial Starts Today

10-05-2004 15:41

The trial starts today of the soldier indicted for the murder of Tom Hurndall

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Israel emptying Jerusalem of Palestinians

10-05-2004 09:22

The destruction of 24 more East Jerusalem houses clearly illustrates the political agenda driving Israel's relentless demolition policy. As Zaid Hamouri explains, the real issue behind these demolitions is Israel's attempt to alter the demographic make-up of the city.

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Police detain 30 at Marijuana Day in Tel Aviv park

09-05-2004 22:18

Police detained 30 participants at the international Marijuana Day celebrations at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv yesterday, claiming the event was a drug party.

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Colchester Forum report

09-05-2004 20:58

A report of what went on at the Colchester social forum and what was decided.

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police attacks at the university of instabul

09-05-2004 20:15

A historical moment for the student movement of turkey.
The students "occupy" the university on friday 7 may. The police enters and throws teargass , drops people out of the windows and arrests a lot of them. The students were protesting for issues of democracy .
They call for our solidarity

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World Bank Recruitment Drive at Sussex University

09-05-2004 18:28

No New Recruits for the World Bank! Smash Capitalism!

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May Day Magical Activists

09-05-2004 10:01

On Mayday a group of pagan political activists, under the banner of "the May Day Magical Activists (MDMA)" composed of members of the Dionysian Underground, the Serpent Goddess, Chaos Planet and other paganarchist and anarcho-surrealist groups, gathered at St Brides church for a day of magical activism, serpentine networking and apple crunching through the streets of the city of London.