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police attacks at the university of instabul

gsf | 09.05.2004 20:15 | Education | Social Struggles | World

A historical moment for the student movement of turkey.
The students "occupy" the university on friday 7 may. The police enters and throws teargass , drops people out of the windows and arrests a lot of them. The students were protesting for issues of democracy .
They call for our solidarity

yesterday 7 May Friday, university students of turkey with the participation of 32 different cities organized a Democratic university assembly in istanbul university. this was important since yesterday the AKP government declared its draft law about the organisation of the high board of universities. (YΦK) and created great contraversy. this draft means the transfer of power about universities from 12 september regime to capital and AKP. the students tried to declare their own independent voice in this atmosphere. they done the assembly and afterwards they declared they would stay at night in the university. but the rector of istanbul university (kemal alemdaroπlu who is from the nationalist-facist wing of the state) called the police and at 03.00 at night police attected to the students with tear gas; now there are 100 wounded students (7 serious), of 3 of them have broken their legs because they were thrown from the windows and 160 students are under police custody.we now try to organise a protest about this among turkish social movements and ύ need your help to reach also to the greek and european students and teachers unions and associations. what is needed is a strong protest against akp government if you can arrange something this would be great help.