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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Big call-out for anti-capitalist resistance

03-02-2015 11:28

Opponents of the industrial capitalist system are staging two big protests on the same day in different parts of France this month.

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March for Homes feedback + BBC coverage, etc

31-01-2015 17:39

March for Homes feedback + BBC coverage, etc

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Housing Crisis - today's march in London is a token one!

31-01-2015 13:57

1346 Sat 31 Jan 2015
The London Evening Standard website is carrying a post timed at 1308 saying there is a march underway to tell Boris ti solve the Housing Crisis in London
That is, to put it kindle, banal and ignorant and the timing is opportunistic for
most "mainstream" Politicos supporting the event today

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The £469m Cost of Restoring Opencast Coal Sites:

30-01-2015 12:10

Yesterday the House of commons debated the issue of Un-restored Opencast Sites in the UK. Totting up all the figures used in the debate means that the cost of restoring these sites has reached £469m. LAON's press release below goes on to warn that unless steps are taken to prevent new site approvals under the present regime, more sites could be left un-restored.

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Far Right Exploiting Homeless Soldiers @poppylegion @edlnews @hopenothate

29-01-2015 19:57

VFF's Racist Rant
Former grenadier Tim Arnold has returned to Britain from Thailand to set up two interlinked fascist organisations for ex-military personnel, the VFF (Veterans For Freedom) and the NLD (National League Democracy) offshoots for Liberty GB, for which Mr Arnold manages the Liberty Ex-Forces Group with assistance from ex-BNP culturalist Jack Buckby, the pair of them claiming to raise charity money from what they call Ultra Marathons.

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ALERTA ANTIFA - PEGIDA NAZIS INVADE NEWCASTLE ON 28/02/15 @slatukip @slatedl edl

29-01-2015 11:53

EDLers, BNPers and Britain Firsters will be goostepping around Newcastle on Saturday the 28th of February from midday onwards, under the Pegida UK (PUK) flag of convenience. PUK's facebook administrators describe this as a "warm-up in a place of support" before moving onto London and Birmingham which they call "enemy territory", hoovering up hardcore nazis as their own.

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Outing British Universities trading in daylight robbery

29-01-2015 10:25

This is a consequence of the Russell Group of Universities (RSGU) being in denial - the key area of their denial has been the knowledge theft and robbery that they allow and include as evidence of doctoral awards

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26-01-2015 13:56

German neo-Nazis are invading Manchester and Newcastle at short notice to infect working class communities with hatred and fear. Pegida UK have set up facebook accounts infested with EDLers, NWIers, NFers, BNPers and also Shitain Firsters preparing to wreak havoc throughout the United Kingdom, inspired by the Dresden marches.

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Syriza Party Poised to Win Greek Elections on Anti-Austerity Platform

24-01-2015 04:28

The anti-austerity Syriza party is poised to win Greece's elections Sunday and is pledging to renegotiate Greek debt. Greece is the world's third most heavily indebted country.

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21-01-2015 00:57

Call out to all anti-fascists in the UK to make it down to DUDLEY TOWN CENTRE, 1pm, FEB 7th.

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In San Francisco USA, "Dispatches Against Displacement" -- a review

19-01-2015 08:19

A work by a prominent San Francisco housing activist in a context of ongoing defeat for San Francisco renters...

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The Southern Poverty Law Center and Its Double Standard on Free Speech

18-01-2015 00:33

There are no factual statements made at the Democracy Now form of opportunism to show that David Duke as actually engaged in advocating, say, violence or oppression against others. Rather what seems to upset Potok and his many supporters is that Duke and others are focused on excessive Jewish political and social influence on Americans, Europeans and Christians (in another words free speech as Duke is really about trying to use ideas to convince people to think differently—not advocating for slavery or Jim Crow or injustice to minorities). How does this compare with honoring the sleazy cartoons at Charlie Hebdo?

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Rep. Governor Jindal due to spread #FoxNewsFacts lies in speech in London

17-01-2015 16:22

USA Today article about bringing division to the UK
Republican Governor and "potential presidential candidate" Bobby Jindal is due to give a 'lecture' on Monday at the House of Commons in which USA media reports that he will "reiterate the disputed claim that Muslim immigrants have created "no-go zones" in Europe".

Such statements take us back to Enoch Powell politics and are naive and ill-judged prejudice at best, and deliberately reactionary, divisive and inflammatory at worst.

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Ronald Ryan: Did Australia Hang an Innocent Man?

13-01-2015 01:42

Ronald Ryan was the last man hanged in Australia in 1967. Today, more than four decades later, serious doubts remain whether Ronald Ryan was guilty of murder beyond all reasonable doubt.

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How Mao Delt with Soviet Revisionism

12-01-2015 08:29

The Cultural Revolution could not have been successfully launched without the polemics that Mao initiated against Khrushchev and the revisionist leadership of the CP of the Soviet Union.

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Golden Dawn Flag At Manchester Nazi Pegida Gathering @edlnews @slatfascists

12-01-2015 02:39

It was supposed to be a bunch of neo-nazis pretending not to be neo-nazis for the cameras, while gathering to hijack the France commemorations, but there were the usual lot of Hitler salutes reported, and guess what, somebody thought it was wise to fly the Golden Dawn flag.

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SONY, Obama and Snowden What's been happening after Leveson on phone hacking?

10-01-2015 23:32

Are the Big Corporations being held to account? Are they still hacking the little people?

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10-01-2015 10:17

Unite Against Fascism have called a vigil outside of the German Embassy in London to support anti-Pegida campaigners in Germany. Sure enough, the tired, worn thugs from the British fascist scene have declared their intention to turn up to oppose them. Casuals United (Piss and Shit squad), the SEA, the NF, and of course, the stupid old EDL, and members of Britain First are expected to travel across to have a pop at the UAF in small numbers under the banner of "UK Pegida", to follow on from the failure that was "Golden Dawn UK", "New Dawn", "UK Dawn" or whatever they called themselves.

The EDL are almost begging Britain First to attend - Jayda will be well chuffed at all the attention coming her way - usually everyone ignores her.

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09-01-2015 19:14

The complete and utter bellends of the NWI, EDL and the Pie and Mash Squad will be turning up in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester this Sunday, after getting tanked up on Stella at the local Wetherspoons. Gathering for their wanky "UK Pegida" march lol, these braindead no marks are more than happy to waste their Sunday night to stand around in the pouring rain chanting racist abuse when surely the fools have better things to do.

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Congolese president’s nephew in shady French political deals

09-01-2015 09:59

Jean Dominique Okemba, the newphew of the Congolese president, is involved in shady deals in France together with financial institutions from France and PROPARCO, the French investment agency.