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March for Homes feedback + BBC coverage, etc

Christopher Eakin | 31.01.2015 17:39 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles

March for Homes feedback + BBC coverage, etc

Congratulations to everyone who took part in today's well-attended, friendly, noisy and enthusiastic March for Homes protest in London today, 31 Jan 2015. Thousands marched on City Hall to tell corrupt property developers and Boris Johnson where to shove it. The march was attended by housing activists, tenants groups and their many supporters, including Focus E15 and New Era, Defend Council Housing, South London People's Assembly, Unite Housing Workers, Occupy and TUSC etc, and lots of parents with prams.

The demonstration received predictably good coverage on Russia Today - which is something of a mixed-blessing, however RT coverage does take the message out to millions of TV viewers world-wide. While BBC News 24 did give good coverage to the massive anti-austerity rally organised by Podemos in Spain, when it comes to Britain, the BBC surpassed even their standards of journalistic cynicism, by (so far) not broadcasting any coverage of the demo at all, prioritising instead "dramatic scenes... as Los Angeles police rescue a dog from a fast-slowing river"! +

See you on the next demo :)

Christopher Eakin