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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Protesters Back at Fur Seller Dixie's Clothes Stall

30-01-2011 19:54

Vintage fur perpetuates the fur industry, as fur is made 'acceptable' in the vintage scene, it finds it's way on to the catwalk in the form of new fur. Indeed new 'imperfect' fur is often passed off as vintage by manufactures and finds it's way into vintage retailers.

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Shell's dangerous high pressure raw gas pipeline approved

30-01-2011 17:24

Action is needed against Shell's Corrib Gas Pipeline in Co Mayo, Ireland

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ALF/ELF Solidarity with Conspiracy Cells of Fire

30-01-2011 15:48

January from

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Aaron Porter no show in Manchester a fail for NUS

30-01-2011 15:10

NUS President fails to give speech at Manchester TUC demo due to pressure
from student activists.

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A Man of Peace: Don Samuel Ruiz 1924-2011

30-01-2011 13:56

Don Samuel Ruiz Garcia, bishop emeritus of San Cristobal de Las Casas, a man of peace who accompanied the poor, the dispossessed, the excluded and the forgotten in Chiapas and the world, has died at the age of 86.

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Student Protest Returned to Normal: 5 points

30-01-2011 13:44

Return To Normal
The student protests in London and Manchester on the 29th January were a probably unsuprising return to normal. The excitement and spontaneity and the invention of new demo tactics from last year's demos now seemed a long time ago. There follows some suggestions on why this could be to be debated, scorned, corrected, reviled, laughed at, cried over, improved, perfected and finally put into practice.

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Vodafone closed down in Oxford for refusing to pay taxes.

30-01-2011 13:24

Six protesters from UK Uncut closed down the Vodafone store in Cornmarket today in opposition to the company's dodging £6bn in taxes.

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Egypt: Death throes of a dictatorship

30-01-2011 12:22

US-!CANNISTER! used by Egypt-Police
The Egyptian tanks, the delirious protesters sitting atop them, the flags, the 40,000 protesters weeping and crying and cheering in Freedom Square and praying around them, the Muslim Brotherhood official sitting amid the tank passengers. Should this be compared to the liberation of Bucharest? Climbing on to an American-made battle tank myself, I could only remember those wonderful films of the liberation of Paris. A few hundred metres away, Hosni Mubarak's black-uniformed security police were still firing at demonstrators near the interior ministry. It was a wild, historical victory celebration, Mubarak's own tanks freeing his capital from his own dictatorship.

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Saving Temple Cowley Pools at the Council - Video

30-01-2011 10:59

The video of the Full Council Meeting where members of the Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign addressed and questioned the labour administration in full here:
From about 11 mins 15 seconds....

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Complete set of hi-res cartoons for protests on behalf of Egypt (by Latuff)

30-01-2011 10:45

Everything copyleft, on behalf of Egyptian people.

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Police Turn Egypt into War Zone

29-01-2011 22:37

DOWN with Dictator Mubarak !
NEW YORK - Egypt's DICTATOR Hosni Mubarak is facing the most serious threat to his 30-year-old TERROR-regime. ......... Video:

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Internet Access: Formidable tool to curb and control mass mobilizations!

29-01-2011 18:50

The Egypt Lesson: As soon as the oppressed working people start making use of the Internet - as they should - for political or even emancipatory purposes, the ruling classes respond ever so "democratically" with the suspension of free access to free information and communication.

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News from Cairo

29-01-2011 17:25

On the spot reports from Cairo

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Hundreds of students chase Aaron Porter through Manchester

29-01-2011 16:42

National Union of Students President Aaron Porter was unable to speak at the rally of today’s NUS/UCU demonstration in Manchester, after hundreds of angry students chased him off the streets.

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Worldwide Autonomous and Intentional Community Network

29-01-2011 15:08

An explanation of some of the ideals behind the work being done to create a worldwide network of autonomous spaces...

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UG#536 - Beyond Hierarchy (Anarchist Audiocollage)

29-01-2011 14:16

This week we mark a year since Lyn's last new episode by deviating from our usual format. Instead of a few separate speeches, an audio collage of speakers, some with backing music. The most prominent voice is Noam Chomsky's, but he is supported by a couple of dozen others from earlier episodes and other sources. The overarching theme is the need to question the existing reality, especially to shake off the hierarchical institutions and prejudices of the past, and embrace a new spirit of autonomy that respects the individual.

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WikiLeaks exposes US complicity in murder, torture, by Egyptian government and m

29-01-2011 12:22

"The cables demonstrate the courage of the Egyptian demonstrators in the face of the brutality of the Mubarak regime, as WikiLeaks editor Maria Luisa Rivera notes in introducing them. “As an Internet blackout imposed by the state covers the country, every citizen and grassroots organization will now be exposed to arbitrary police forces,” she writes. “As secret documents from US prove, during the demonstrations today, authorities might use physical threats, legal threats and extraordinary laws such the Emergency Law as an excuse to persecute and prosecute activists during the pacific demonstrations taking place in Cairo and other cities.”
She continues, “Excessive use of force by police during the protests [has already] led to arbitrary executions and detentions in a vast array of abuses, a situation that is known and acknowledged in the past by US diplomats based in Egypt. It is important to bear in mind the long record of police abuse and torture by Egyptian police forces.”

Make the whole world aware of the slimy role the US has played in Egypt. The US will try to distance itself from this regime. But one of the reasons it is so hated is precisely because of it’s close ties to US imperialism. Spread these notes widely, everywhere."

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tadamonan maa massr – In solidarity with Egypt, London last night

29-01-2011 11:12

Folks gathered outside the steps of the British Museum as it was closing last night to show solidarity to those on the streets of Egypt.

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Egyptian protestors' tactical guide

29-01-2011 06:19

"How to protest intelligently"
The attatchment is a translation of a guide for Egyptian protestors. Contains some advice that's pretty useful against oppressive state forces in other parts of the world as well.

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Sexual Prey in the Saudi Jungle

29-01-2011 02:34

He was an officer in the Saudi Royal Navy assigned to the strategic Saudi base of Jubail in the Persian Gulf. She was a single mom from Mindanao, in the Philippines, who saw, like so many others, employment in Saudi Arabia as a route out of poverty. When he picked her up at the Dammam International Airport in June, little did she know she was entering, not a brighter chapter of her life but a chamber of horrors from which she would be liberated only after six long months.