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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Evaluation of the G8-Evian mobilization and a debate to be had on violence

01-08-2003 08:02

This article was produceded by activists from Geneva, who were involved in the organisation of the mobilisations against the G8 meeting from start to finish. In it they reflect on some of the highs and lows of this process and also invite us to debate and condsider the effects of the indiscrimate violence against property carried out during the mobilisations on building our movement.

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sheffield social forum organising meeting

31-07-2003 11:49

campaign for a sheffield social forum meeting

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31-07-2003 08:41

Wednesday, July 30: Listen to Ralph Schoenman, author of "The Hidden History of Zionism", on a recorded lecture on the progressive prominent Pacifica radio station KPFA-FM ( in Berkeley, California, USA, on the "Guns & Butter" program, on KPFA's sister station's *24-HOUR* audio archive at

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30-07-2003 22:13
Can you help us publicise this handy new web service we've developed to help Nike get out ALL the necessary information about their "fun" run in London.

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British school teacher held at Ben Gurion airport

30-07-2003 16:15

British school teacher treated like terrorist - threat to security!

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India: Narmada Update / Background information

30-07-2003 12:14

The submergence in the Narmada Valley cause of the Sadar Sarovar Dam continues. Forceful Evictions of Adivasis. Action Call.
Background information

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Basque? What's that?!

30-07-2003 07:03

protest for Basque civil rights
Who are the Basques and why does the Spanish govt. call their culture "terrorist"? Learn the truth!

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29-07-2003 11:09

...the Zapatistas through teir spokesperson Sub Marcos here annonce some changes about to occur, this is the first of several recent communiques which will also be publihed here, LONDON ZAPATISTA ACTION (

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Oxford Street Intifada 2 August

29-07-2003 02:24



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28-07-2003 20:50

Bush Reward
Press release of $10,000,000 reward being offered for the capture, arrest, international trial and conviction of George W. Bush.

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28-07-2003 16:44

Cast in bronze she stands, proud and serene, a timeless tribute to the women who cut down fences, danced on silos, and put potatoes in the exhaust pipes of military trucks.

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Union of the Unemployed Iraq Protest, Baghdad, Home Yahtaj Todamon!

28-07-2003 12:08

Below is a protest call-out on behalf of the Union of the Unemplyed Iraq, a new organisation which has come out of the Iraqi Worker-Communist Party and even if people might not be into party-building motivated politics, I know Im not, its still a positive effort against the US Occupation and for promoting self-determination and self organisation, party-line-towing or not, for Iraqi workers and unemployed.

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After two days of Bulldozer blues the police encircle the house.

26-07-2003 18:52

Casa encantada people on the roof. woof woof woof.
Casa encantada. is in Galizia.
it is a CSO. an autonomous centre, an info shop, a squat to be proud of.
the Galizians are thus proud of it.
Galizia is the bit of the Iberian Peninsula which is above Portugal. Where Franco was born and his henchman Fraga still rules. Where the Prestige sank and Nunca Mais began.

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Three more US soldiers killed in Iraq

26-07-2003 17:33

Three US soldiers killed by grenade attack in Iraq outside children's hospital on Saturday July 26. There appears to be no let-up in guerrilla attacks on American soldiers since the death of Saddam's sons.

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Robert Newman book reading and stand up show for No Sweat

26-07-2003 17:02

Robert Newman will be reading from his coming novel The Fountain at the Centre of the World (set in Mexico) at the next No Sweat London meeting. WED AUG 20, 7pm, the DOGSTAR, Coldharbour Lane, BRIXTON.

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Jury returns in Inglewood Ca

25-07-2003 23:26

Ofc. jeremy morse Assaults Hancuffed 16 year old

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 25th July 2003

25-07-2003 18:01

Please see below for details of your nearest Vigil.

COCA COLA. Killing Trade Unionists?
See the 'review' section for more.

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London, Conference on Right of Return of Palestinians

25-07-2003 13:34

Europe’s Palestinians in the conference organized by the Palestinian
Return Centre in London: “We will not relinquish the right to return”

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Another Education is possible!

25-07-2003 10:13

In all European countries (and also in other countries) education is changing rapidly. Since the mid-eighties the neo-liberal tendencies have achieved a big influence on the paradigm shift in the education policy.