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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Wilkinson's Slave Labour Camps (IN THE UK!)

04-04-2004 02:29

Grass Roots Comes To Suburbia! In response to receiving this story i am organising a lock-down in a few local Wilkinson stores in north-west london. i personally will be chained to a checkout in Hayes and could do with some observers (legal knowledge and video artists would be helpful!). get in touch!

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Danny Glover Voices Concern Over US Intervention in Haiti

03-04-2004 21:20

Danny Glover in support of the Global Women's Strike gave an emotional talk today in Camden, London. He talked for over two hours about what he saw as the bogus intervention by the US in the domestic affairs of Haiti.

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Disagreement over the Coke Boycott

03-04-2004 10:55

Why there are serious doubts over the underlying ethics of the agenda behind the current Coke Cola boycott

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Israel Destroys Home Of Nonviolent Community Leader

02-04-2004 15:46

latest eyewitness reports from palestine

1) Demonstration in Budrus
2) Israel destroys home of nonviolent community leader_Report
3) 1 hour in Nablus_Report
4) Confronting the construction in Qatanna_Neal

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A tale for Easter

02-04-2004 15:40

Forgiveness: Should Tony Blair shake hands?

If Osama bin Laden said sorry, should Tony Blair shake his hand? That was the question posed on a recent Any Questions broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (Friday 26 March 2004, repeated Saturday 27 March 2004). The response of the panel was no. The concept of forgiveness, the need to break the cycle of violence, was entirely absent from the discussion.

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Itoiz Dam: Solidario Imprisoned

02-04-2004 14:30

Ibai Ederra of Solidarios con Itoiz imprisoned in Pamplona.

Support the Solidarios in prison!

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BBC report on Israeli raid on Rafah . with a couple of QUESTIONS 4 U

02-04-2004 11:42

Palestinian medical officials named the dead man as Mohammed Abed. It is not clear whether he was a militant or a civilian.
Palestinian officials say a 19-year-old man has been killed after Israeli tanks entered the Rafah refugee camp.
Palestinian medical officials named the dead man as Mohammed Abed. It is not clear whether he was a militant or a civilian.

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Palestinian Film Premier

02-04-2004 11:21

The film, 'Voices through the Rubble', which documents the continuing collective house demolitions and other abuses of Palestinian human rights in Gaza, will be premiered in Sheffield on Saturday April 3rd at the Sheffield Insititute for the Blind.

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Activist´s Struggle against Disability Discrimination

02-04-2004 09:05

One in seven of the UK's workforce are affected by disability. The current law and how it is applied is mostly employer - friendly. If you are disabled and want to work, you have to keep your mouth shut for fear of a life in poverty.

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Durban Activists arrested

01-04-2004 21:07

Legal march attacked, people assalted, arrested, appeal for solidarity

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StrikeSpotting UK 08.03.04 - 01.04.04

01-04-2004 15:54

Summary of strike action in the UK

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Social Forum Launch - a view from London

01-04-2004 14:06

Dave Timms works for World Development Movement and is active in organising for both the London and European Social Forums. This was his report on the Sheffield Social Forum launch...

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01-04-2004 13:49

Using people imprisoned by the state as slave labour for private profiteers is the ultimate expression of the true nature of capitalism- fascist and totalitarian

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To the organizations of the MRFI

01-04-2004 13:23

To the organizations of the Movement for the Refoundation of the Fourth International

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Dental Extraction Road Rage to Tooth Rage.

01-04-2004 12:27

Arts offensive

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"20 march against wars"
ROME Italy

31-03-2004 22:28

these images have to make the turn of the world... Rachel Corrie and Raffaele Ciriello

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Solidarity with Indo Election Boycott 5 April

31-03-2004 16:28


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Video of Birmingham ESF meeting

31-03-2004 16:13

“The World Social Forum will always be a forum open to pluralism and to the diversity of activities and ways of engaging of the organisations and movements that decide to participate in it”

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SE neo Labour Conference.

31-03-2004 15:53

South east regional neo labour Conference.