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Wilkinson's Slave Labour Camps (IN THE UK!)

CAPS (mark de wolf ??) | 04.04.2004 02:29 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Grass Roots Comes To Suburbia! In response to receiving this story i am organising a lock-down in a few local Wilkinson stores in north-west london. i personally will be chained to a checkout in Hayes and could do with some observers (legal knowledge and video artists would be helpful!). get in touch!

The Campaign Against Prison Slavery has declared Saturday the 24th of April 2004 a National Day Of Action.

We urge all class conscious individuals, and revolutionary organisations to mobilise against the state and private capitalist exploitation of incarcerated people.

Using people imprisoned by the state as slave labour for private profiteers is the ultimate expression of the true nature of capitalism- fascist and totalitarian. We have the opportunity in Britain to smash this practice while it is relatively weak.

This scourge affects all of us. It acts as an incentive for the ruling class to get more working class people into jail and promotes the criminalisation of more and more aspects of our lives and culture. It drives down wages on the outside and makes life on the inside even more miserable as education and leisure facilities are culled to make way for sweatshops.

The Campaign against Prison Slavery has for more than a year targeted one of the biggest exploiters of prisoners in Britain; Wilkinsons. While Tony ‘Whiplash’ Wilkinson sits on a fortune of more than £365 million prisoners are forced to package his goods 30 hours a week for less than a fiver!

We encourage all revolutionaries, anti-fascists and working class people to pressure Wilkinsons out of prisons by any means at their disposal. A visible and effective act of defiance at your local Wilkinsons store on Saturday the 24th of April will be a good first step.

More information, leaflets, propaganda and other goodies are available at and

There are established CAPS groups up and down the country, they can all be contacted through the websites above.

Keep safe, stay free and have fun visiting the vengeance of the oppressed upon the heads of Babylon.

CAPS (mark de wolf ??)
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