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Itoiz Dam: Solidario Imprisoned

SOS Itoiz | 02.04.2004 14:30 | Ecology | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Ibai Ederra of Solidarios con Itoiz imprisoned in Pamplona.

Support the Solidarios in prison!

On 15 March 2004 Ibai Ederra was arrested in a routine traffic police check. Ibai is one of the 8 Solidarios who famously cut the cables of the concrete pump at the construction site of the Itoiz Dam, stopping the construction for a year.

Ibai now faces 4 years 10 months in prison for the action. Inaki Garcia Koch, from the same group, is already in prison having been detained in similar circumstances in 2001.

After a 20-year struggle by tens of thousands of people against the dam, and despite the fact that experts believe it is unstable and could endanger the lives of thousands, the dam is currently being filled. Those who know the beautiful area will be saddened to hear that the flooding is now extensive, brutal deforestation has taken place and a road is being built very close to the peaceful village of Lakabe.

The dam was declared illegal by the Supreme Court due to the fact that it will flood several nature reserves, but this was overturned in 2001 by the Constitutional Court which changed the law specifically for Itoiz.

Since the arrest Solidari@s have done several noise demos outside the prison, and their struggle continues.

It's very important that people write to Ibai and Inaki in prison. A letter in any language is better than no letter at all.

Ibai Ederra or Iñaki Garcia
Carcel de Pamplona.
Apdo. 250. Iruña. Nafarroa.

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