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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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StopG8 week: events calendar now online

28-05-2013 13:49

The calendar for events during StopG8 week (8-15 June) is now online here:

It is still being added to as we speak, with more talks, films, and other happenings being confirmed. And we want even more! Please email if you'd like to run a workshop or organise any kind of event.

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£140,000 to make 80 people homeless.

28-05-2013 10:32

Lambeth Council continue their policy of social cleansing.

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Solidarity benefit for Greek autonomous spaces and social fighters

27-05-2013 23:10

BGSG presents a solidarity event in Bristol to raise awareness and funds in an attempt to support social struggles and social movements in Greece.

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State Funerals, Amnesia and Anarchism

27-05-2013 22:37

°Response to the statement of FAU on the death of Chavez. Editor Collective EL LIBERTARIO (Venezuela). Originally published -in Spanish- in TIERRA Y LIBERTAD, Madrid, May 2013, # 298, p. 3-6. Internet -> *** In memory of our beloved comrade Rafael Sposito (a.k.a.) "Daniel Barrett"

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Brighton squat trial - longer update

27-05-2013 20:48

One squatter convicted, two walk free. An appeal for the one has already been launched...

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Callout for South London Eviction Resistance, Tuesday 28/5/13

27-05-2013 11:49

Patmos Lodge, a squat of 2+years with 100 residents due for eviction this Tuesday morning

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Free Counselling for Activists, Campaigners and Social Changers

24-05-2013 12:44

Counselling for Social Change (CSC) are offering free phone counselling and rural retreats for activists, campaigners, and social changers. Phone support is ongoing and can last as long as needed. The retreats will be in a low-impact shepherd's hut in rural West Cornwall, and can last between a weekend to a week, and can be supported through phone counselling before and after the retreat.

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UG#642 - Living a 3-Dimensional Life (Living Moneyless, Walden #1)

24-05-2013 03:16

A poem by Wendell Berry starts us off on a differently paced, more musical set of episodes this episode. As a counter to what Jacques Fresco terms 'base articiality of materialism and mindless consumption' we weave a tapestry of thoughts including those from iconoclastic earthy thinkers including Suelo, the moneyless resident of a Utah desert from whom we heard in episode 600 and the American Transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau.

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Hurley tramples on half a million Chechens

23-05-2013 15:31

Please let Elizabeth Hurley know what you think of her and another scumbag french actor Gerard Depardieu going to Chechniya to make a film.

We don't know how much she's been paid, but half a million dead Chechniyan people killed by its present president will have put most actors from touching Ramzan Kadyrov with a barge pole.

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Brighton squat trial resumes tomorrow

23-05-2013 14:28

The squat trial which began in April resumes tomorrow in Brighton, come down to see s144 get the bashing it deserves.

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UG#640 - The Making Of The National Security State (The Power Principle 1)

23-05-2013 02:51

We devote the whole show to the first part of a radio adaptation of the 2012 Metanoia film, The Power Principle. Using examples of Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Chile and Greece a wide range of insiders and historians unmask the Cold War as a propaganda cover for the war between the rest of the world and resource hungry US corporations.

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UG#641 - The Making Of The National Security State (The Power Principle 2)

23-05-2013 02:46

We continue where we left off last in episode #640, with a radio adaptation of the remainder of the most recent of Scott Noble's 2012 film, The Power Principle. This half focuses on the sequence of fears used by the ruling elite to keep the 99% submissive and afraid, whether of communists, nuclear war or Muslim fundamentalists. Insiders and other commentators reveal a bigger picture of US Foreign Policy driven by an aggressive and ruthless clique using organisations such as the CIA, the arms industry and big media to exploit and oppress the 99% both at home and abroad.

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Sheffield Workfare Protest, June 1st

20-05-2013 21:29

The government is running scared of protests over workfare. They've been to court to try and keep the names of workfare exploiters from being published because they're scared that protests will cause the whole scheme to collapse. If we keep the pressure on, we can turn their fears into reality.

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Facebook Bans Message to Peter Jackson About Filming Bilderberg Protests

20-05-2013 11:57

Eco-warriors and other anti-capitalist protesters are preparing for massive protests against the Bilderberg Conference at the Grove hotel at Watford England from 5 to 9 June 2013 where presidents and prime ministers will secretly meet the bankers and corporate leaders who illegally employ them just one week before the G8 summit in Ireland.
Most of the mainstream media is refusing to publish or broadcast any news about the protests against the secret world government of the Bilderberg Group and even Facebook has banned a message to Peter Jackson proposing the filming of the reality TV show for the children about the imminent extinction of the human race by global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.

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Hospital Campaign Song Heading For The Charts

20-05-2013 08:56

Clare Palmer in Studio
CAMPAIGNERS fighting to save acute services at Stafford Hospital have teamed up with a singer-songwriter from the town to release a song in protest of the cuts to the NHS and Mid Staffs.

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UG#639 - Grave Reflections on Technology & Freedom (Techno-totalitarianism)

19-05-2013 01:35

We hear the voices of three now deceased authors on the topics of technology and Social Control. First a vintage 1962 recording of Aldous Huxley speaking on the prospects for technototalitarianism. Next it's a more relaxed interview with science fiction author Kurt Vonnegut and we conclude with a musical collage of 1970's wisdom from E. F. Schumacher.

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Sheffield Protest Against the Bed Room Tax

18-05-2013 13:26

There was a protest in Barkers Pool, Sheffield, on 18th May 2013 against the Tory / LibDem changes to housing benefit which came into force on 1st April 2013.

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Satirical book giveaway

17-05-2013 13:36

A press release regarding the satirical book release by author Jams N. Roses.

Poking fun at the establishment.

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‘We won’t reduce the rent … We’ll kick them out’: Research Reveals Landlord’s Response to Housing Benefit Reform

17-05-2013 07:47

A report published by the DWP gives a glimpse of the horrific future hundreds of thousands of people are set to face due to housing benefit reforms.

The report is part of an ongoing piece of ‘independent’ research commissioned by the DWP to look at the impact of the first raft of welfare reforms – the vicious cuts to housing benefits. These included the caps on the amount of benefit available to pay for housing and a reduction in local housing allowance rates from the bottom 50% to 30% of the local rental market. Another change meant that those aged under 35 are no longer entitled to a self-contained property, but can only claim the Shared Accommodation Rate (SAR).

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Urgent action for Abdul Rajabali

16-05-2013 07:48

Abdul scheduled for deportation next Wednesday. Step up the action. Abdul must stay!