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StopG8 week: events calendar now online

stopg8 | 28.05.2013 13:49 | G8 2013 | Culture | Social Struggles

The calendar for events during StopG8 week (8-15 June) is now online here:

It is still being added to as we speak, with more talks, films, and other happenings being confirmed. And we want even more! Please email if you'd like to run a workshop or organise any kind of event.

Highlights so far include:

** Action days through the week, as well as the J11 Carnival Against Capitalism on Tuesday 11 June.

** "Fighting the Racist Police State" info-evening bringing together groups fighting deaths in police custody, stop and search, state repression, immigration raids, and the prison and detention systems.

** Greek solidarity info-evening on anarchism, anti-fascism, social centres and migration struggles in Greece, and how we can support our comrades fighting on what's becoming one of the front lines of European struggles against capitalism and fascism.

** Practical workshops, legal info sessions, street action and affinity group training, etc.

** Talks and films throughout the week on anarchism, radical history, international struggles, anti-cuts campaigns, ecological struggles and much more.

** Solidarity benefit parties to open and close the week. "The Word is Power" on Saturrday 9 June with Bocafloja from Mexico and loads more, supporting Antiraids and SolFed. "Against Repression" on 14 June with hip hop from UK and Italy: Logic, Caxton Press MCs, C.u.b.a. Cabbal, DJ Steaz, DJ Leleprox and more, supporting United Friends and Families Campaign (against deaths in police custody) and Italian Genoa G8 prisoners Marina and Alberto.

Although there is a lot already happening, we're very much open to add more events. There will be space for at least 3 events to run in parallel in the convergence centre and other spaces nearby.

In particular, we would really like to have more events to do with:

** struggles of gender and sexuality

** international struggles beyond Europe

** anti-fascism

** anarchism: what can it mean today?

** practical workshops and skillshares

And anything else that fits with our principles: against capitalism, against hierarchy and authority. If you have an idea for an event, check out the calendar and think what time will suit you, then just send us an email to and we'll add you in.

All events except for gigs can be run in the stopg8 convergence centre, which will open on 8 June. The address will only be publicised on opening. In case of emergencies, we also have back-up spaces for events.

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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