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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Cop9 Climate Latest: UN agrees GE trees!

10-12-2003 13:34

The latest United Nations L.T.D. techno fix to climate change; introduce Genetically Engineered trees into our environment.
Meanwhile, Italy's grass roots have no time for "environmental protests". No-one seriously objects.
Milan Zero Protest Zone.

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Argentina Autonomous Communities - News

10-12-2003 12:13

In July this year, activists from the autonomous communities in Argentina toured the UK. Graciela Monteagudo updates us on what they've been doing since that time.

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Evidence of fraud by Nato at Srebrenica exhumation site

09-12-2003 23:02

The Kamencia exhumation supposedly uncovered more than 500 victims of the Srebrenica massacre. However, publicity in the SFOR publication seem to suggest that this mass grave was little more than a public relations hoax. This has not stopped it being used in War Crimes proceedings.

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A summary of recent events in Bolivia

09-12-2003 20:49

Autumn 2003 saw widespread unrest in Bolivia, which was triggered by privatisation plans and dire economic conditions, recession coupled with inflation (a corporate debt of some US$10 billion, making up 10% of the country's GNP), resulting from neoliberal reforms.

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09-12-2003 16:51


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15 December Christmas benefit to aid CRISIS, national charity for the homeless

08-12-2003 21:52

Monday, 15 December, 6 pm - 12 am
Christmas benefit to aid CRISIS, a national charity for homeless people
film screening + live music

@ the Red Rose Club
129 Seven Sisters Road
Finsbury Park, London N7 7QG
Tel: 020 7281 3051
Tube / BR: Finsbury Park
Tickets at door only, £7/£5 concessions

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The Geneva storm's silver-lining

08-12-2003 18:40

The rejuvenating efforts of the Geneva Groups have; shattered dangerous myths, rekindled hope, put Sharon in a corner, and led to a healthy redefinition of the meaning of being pro-Israel.

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first person accounts personalising social issues

08-12-2003 16:21

Hole Books at is a small press that publishes first person accounts personalising social issues, such as 'Afterlife' and 'The Making of a Child Prostitute

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Middle East Panorama

08-12-2003 15:56

What are the links between Colombia and Palestine? The people of Colombia and Palestine have both faced 50 years of unequal armed struggle. Is the enemy and the underlying struggle the same, or is it simply that they both face the same US supplied weapons in their unequal struggle? Is it merely a coincidence that both countries are major recipients of US aid?

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George Soros - an unlikely revolutionary?

08-12-2003 15:42

Did multi-billionaire and international financier George Soros bankroll the 'people's revolution' in Georgia? If he did, does it matter?

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"The Battle of Algiers" in Oxford

07-12-2003 10:09

This Sunday (Dec 7), the Oxford Stop the War Coalition will provide a rare
opportunity for people in Oxford to see "The Battle of Algiers" - Gillo
Pontecorvo's classic film about the Algerian struggle for national
liberation. It will be screened at the Ultimate Picture Palace at 1.00pm and
entry is £5.00.

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Hundreds of school pupils stage walkout in Colchester

06-12-2003 18:22

Hundreds of School pupils stage walkout and protest in Colchester, Essex.

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Smash Water Tax (NEW Irish anarchist organisation)

06-12-2003 18:08


What is 'Working Class Resistance'?

Welcome to Working Class Resistance (WCR!)! WCR! is a new eight page anarchist paper which will be appearing six times a year from this point on. The next edition will be ready by early February 2004.

Who are involved with 'Working Class Resistance'?

The appearance of this publication marks the coming together of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, Anarchist Federation (Ireland), Anarchist Prisoner Support and a number of other individuals to create a more effective and better resourced class struggle anarchist organisation across Ireland. Together we have created a new organisation, Organise!, with local groups and individual members throughout the country.

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Strikes, Bosses Attacked, and Fist Fighting with British Soldiers - Basra Report

05-12-2003 21:45

Written early November, apologies for the late posting, piece was originally meant for Red Pepper Dec Issue


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Close surveillance of Campsfield protest

05-12-2003 19:08

On Saturday 29 November, over 200 people from all over the country gathered for a demonstration outside Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre, the scene of frequent protests, hunger strikes and a riot, to mark its 10th anniversary.

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Growing evidence of CIA involvement in Georgia coup?

05-12-2003 17:50

The initial euphoria that people power toppled a corrupt regime in Georgia is giving way to deep unease. From a position of skepticism, there appears to be growing evidence that it was a CIA coup. Or at least the CIA helped push it in a direction commensurate with US interests.

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13.12. European Action Day against Cuts!

05-12-2003 15:42

Student strikers in France and Germany ask uk-groups for support. European action day against cuts in education and neoliberalism in general on December 13th. Students in Germany and France on strikes for 4 weeks, ministerial offices occupied. German trade unions call members out on 13th. Factory walk outs spreading in Germany.