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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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P.Tatchell :Reds!-Vote Green...

02-03-2005 15:54

Peter Tatchell urges those who formerly or may still vote Labour etc to vote Green instead.

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Brazil Gov on Dot Stang murder.

02-03-2005 15:50

The Brazilian Government replies following Emails (Greenpeace) after the murder of Dorothy Stang.

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Who Were The Latest Tel Aviv Bombing Victims? -- Ha'aretz

02-03-2005 10:19

"Israel Orbach delivered a fiery eulogy, [*PROUDLY*] explaining that he had served in the same unit as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon[!] and Mossad chief Meir Dagan[!]."

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Five point plan to stop travellers

02-03-2005 10:03

I found this letter printed in the Nuneaton Tribune....

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Precarity Assembly

01-03-2005 23:57

Saturday 5th March 1pm-6pm
Upstairs at the Cock Tavern, Corner of Phoenix Road and Chalton Street, Somers Town NW1 (nearest tube Euston)

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The Prisoners March - Bethlehem

01-03-2005 23:41

Saturday 26th February 2005. Bethlehem.

Oxford student Bex Tyrer's latest report from Palestine.

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Death threats against occupying workers in Argentina

01-03-2005 21:32

Death threats have been received by workers at the occupied Zanon ceramics factory in Neuquen, Argentina. Meanwhile, the Governer and Security Minister of the province claim that the Zanon workers, union lawyers and even opposition politicians are 'criminals'.

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Co-housing conference: an individual’s view

27-02-2005 20:07

This weekend (25th to 27th February 2005) a hundred people descended on Lancaster for the first UK co-housing conference. This is one person’s view of how it went, and how it was for me.

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MP Accountability: David Lepper, Brighton Pavilion

27-02-2005 16:55

Below details the facts of David Lepper's performance as my MP. Go to research your MP and name & shame. With the General Election looming, publishing their actual (and most probably poor) record could have a real impact. Hold 'Em To Account!!

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London-28 Feb-RussianBabyseal cull demo..

27-02-2005 14:10

Demo against the annual Russian Baby Seal Cull on the White Sea. LOndon Mon 28 Feb, Called by European Animal Welfare

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Royal Television Society party poopers

27-02-2005 13:32

Activists from NOTES FROM THE BORDERLAND staged a lively protest at the Royal Television Society journalism awards 24th Feb in London protesting about the dire state of investigative journalism in Britain - much fun was had by all and top BBC executives including the Director General had to scuttle in through the back door!

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Greenwash Guerrillas not welcomed at 'Ethical Corporation' conference, 23.2.05

27-02-2005 10:44

View of GGs & Met outside Marriott Hotel
On Wednesday February 23rd 2005, the Greenwash Guerrillas (GGs) visited the second day of the 'Ethical Corporation Business/NGO Partnerships and Engagement London 2005 Conference', happily subtitled "How to make sure everyone gets what they want". (Dodgy details to be found at

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M&S Protestors Heard Above Zionist Threats and Sirens

26-02-2005 18:04

Thirty protesters from across Britain converged at Marks and Spencers in Manchester to promote the boycott of one of the UK's biggest corporate backers of Israel and in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinians for their freedom and independence.

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LDN-28 FEB:Russian Babyseal cull demo.

26-02-2005 16:14

European Animal Welfare demo London 2pm 28 Feb 2005

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'Chasing the Dogs from the Tenth of Ramadan'

26-02-2005 13:31

Update on asbestos workers occupying the Spanish/Egyptian Asbestos factory outside the Tenth of Ramadan, an industrial settlement close to Cairo

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Sweated Labour: Women Workers in the Garment Trade (exhibition)

26-02-2005 12:34

This is the first event in Oxford Women's International Festival 2005, running from Tuesday 1st to Sunday 20 March in the Museum of Oxford. The Festival is in its sixteenth year, and the programme is, if anything, even richer and more varied than before. Most events are free, and many are in or near the city centre. For more details see

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'Oil & Activism' meeting at the LSE - a report

26-02-2005 00:05

The LSE 'Oil and Activism' meeting on Monday night was packed. I was warned that I would be kicked out if I carried on handing out 'What's Right with BP?' leaflets before the start. (Let us know if you'd like a copy sent electronically - very handy for giving to BP-sponsored cabbies and shops with BP-sponsored National Portrait Gallery posters!)

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Citizens fight Kelda subsidiary Aquarion in privatization struggle -

25-02-2005 21:07

Holyoke Massachusetts residents are fighting privatization of their sewage system by the Aquarion Company, owned by Kelda Group, formerly Yorkshire Water, a UK company. Citizens packed a recent public hearing and have overwhelmingly opposed the contract with Aquarion. Holyoke City Council to vote on Tu. 3/1/05. Take action:

Below is a letter to the editor from a Holyoke resident...

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iraqi unions benefit gig

25-02-2005 14:08

Oxford No Sweat is an organising a benefit gig to raise money for the new Iraqi trade union and women's movements.

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iraqi women's movement speaker tour

25-02-2005 13:59

Around International Women’s Day on March 8th, NUS Women’s Campaign and No Sweat will be organising a speaker tour with Houzan Mahmoud from the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq to promote solidarity with the Iraqi women's and trade union movements.