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Five point plan to stop travellers

G-P-B | 02.03.2005 10:03 | Repression | Social Struggles

I found this letter printed in the Nuneaton Tribune....

Five point plan to stop travellers.... (letters to the editor)

No doubt Many of your readers will have seen the BBC2 programme 'gypsy woman', following a group of travellers as they moved around nuneaton from one council owned area of land to another.

It was all very well for the current MP to say that the travellers "should go back from whence they came". This is all talk. Instead of legislating to protect the law abiding forgotten majority, Mr Blair's Government has joined in legal action on the side of travellers and has blocked attempts by Conservatives to amend the law in this parliment.

It is only yhe conservatives who have put together a five-point plan to address this issue. This Includes:

1. A review of the Human Rights Act to stop it being used to frustrate the enforcement of the law in relation to unauthorised development of land.

2. The introduction of new enforcement powers for local authorities to seize and remove unlawfully sited caravans.

3. Stopping irresponsible land speculation by giving councils the power to compulsorily purchase sites subject to continuing of a 'stop notice'

4. Encouraging the police to deal with trespass by travellers, and to tackle criminal or anti-social behavior on travellers sites.

5. Ensuring local authorities and local communities can decide whether and where travellers sites are set up.

On this issue, the conservatives are once again in tune with the mood on Nuneaton people.

Mark Pawsey
Parlimentary Candidate,
Nuneaton Conservatives.



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