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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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ESF: hacking networks of power

17-10-2004 10:50

Hacking networks of power:

Report on the contrast between the 'official' ESF and autonomous spaces; and a coffee-fueled analysis of the ESF process, and what happens next...

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What's Hot and What's Not at the ESF 2004

16-10-2004 21:25

Find out what's been sizzling hot, and what's strictly sub-zero at this year's forum.

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'The Chaps' out in force 'civilising the city'

16-10-2004 16:24

A group of ladies and gentlemen were out in London today counteracting the vulgarities of everyday life, immaculately dressed in suits, tweed and smart hats, sporting waxed moustaches and pipes, doffing their caps to passersbys.

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Lab of Insurrectionary Imagination worship outside Selfridge's

16-10-2004 14:45

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination teamed up with a samba band and clowns outside Selfridge's on Oxford Street.

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police video teams at beyond esf

16-10-2004 13:18

police video surveillance team outside beyond esf in tottenham.

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Peak oil and the imminent collapse of industrial civilisation.

16-10-2004 12:08

There is a huge problem on it's way. Governments have given up on attempting to resolve it and are in fact actively suppressing information about it. It's the reason that we're in Iraq and will most probably be invading Iran in the near future. The problem is all about diminishing reserves of oil and an economic system that requires perpetual growth (A physical impossibility) It will mean billions of deaths.

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Police Presence At ESF Accommodation

16-10-2004 10:24

Between 9am and 10am there has been a build up of police presence outside a building being used to accomodate people who are attending the ESF and Autonomous Spaces.

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16-10-2004 09:29

Police photograph mermaids, etc.

Global warming protestors Rising Tide brought traffic to a halt for almost an hour in London’s West End today.

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Haiti slum repels police amid angry protests

16-10-2004 05:43

The morgue at the [Port au Prince] General Hospital issued an emergency call this afternoon stating that there was no longer space for new corpses and it had reached full

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nuff radios.. bring a kettle!

16-10-2004 02:57

its cool wi d coffee and t and lovelyness an lots of lovely esf and artist abstract

and we love radio/ radio digitalis

but can we be allowed more than one kettle?

any suggestions email radio rampART

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Genocide, Torture, Globalization Polices and Ritualistic Living Standards

15-10-2004 23:12

World Wide Globaliiztion patterns and Slave labor policies, in the pattern of violations of human rights, civil rights, and seemly decline, and indoctination of these basic standards in the Mass Media.

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CANARY WHARF DEMO goes ahead-sort of...

15-10-2004 20:48

80 polis and loads of private security watch an entirely peaceful and unhassled gathering happen, with only 20 people present!

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Justice for the Canary Wharf cleaners!

15-10-2004 18:56

Samba band craziness
Led by the Samba band, a group of protesters turned up at Canary Wharf today to shout their support for a fair wage for the workers in the Canary Wharf buildings. An injunction had been obtained in the days leading up to the protest by the owners of the Canary Wharf complex to prevent the protest taking place. This may have diminished the numbers in attendance but it did not make the issue, or the protest, go away... As a spokesman for the Transport and General Workers Union said before the protest: "Canary Wharf is home to some of the most successful and powerful banks in the world. But it is content to let its contract cleaners be paid poverty wages, no sick pay, 15 days holiday and no pension. This demonstration will allow workers to show their support for Wharf cleaners."

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ESF sees launch of 'Power To The People'

15-10-2004 18:03, an independant website designed to empower you to hold those in power to account is being launched during the ESF this weekend. Focusing primarily with MP Accountability, it also deals with Corporations and the Corporate Media.

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message from the APEIS (french unemployed)

15-10-2004 17:55

Where are those for whom we‚re supposed to change the world ?

In Porto Alegre, at the World Social Forum , the representative of DAL
(right to housing campaign), and those of each of the three
organisations of the French jobless , that is to say APEIS, AC !, MNCP,
were refused official recognition and could not take part.

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UutRage!-Email protest re:hatesinger Sizzla concerts.

15-10-2004 16:42

OutRage! Email campaign against hatesinger Sizzla.

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Fairford coach kidnap hearing - the pictures

15-10-2004 14:39

Pictures from samba action outside royal courts of justice before second day of Fairford coach kidnap hearing.

for accompanying text

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First pictures from London Rising Tide critical mass

15-10-2004 13:53

Some of the brilliantly inventive costumes
London Rising Tide critical mass theme is London in 2050 when sea levels may be a tad higher than at present.