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What's Hot and What's Not at the ESF 2004

the European Socializing Forum | 16.10.2004 21:25 | European Social Forum | Social Struggles

Find out what's been sizzling hot, and what's strictly sub-zero at this year's forum.

Hi everyone
We know its late and we know you have all been waiting. Its the one and only, orginal Whats hot and Whats not at the 2004 ESF and Automous Spaces.
Well it's been a tough year and we have tried to be as objective as possible, but this is what we've got for you:

Make capitalism History
Green Pepper (all new, all sexy)
Chunky Necklaces
Daughters of Famous Revolutionary Leaders
Dissent! (trapese)
Climate Change (making a surprise comeback)
Old Skool Trakky bottoms
Precarity (que scorchio!)
Both feet out
Hula hoops and hooping
Permanent War
Organisation of Womens Freedom in Iraq
Clowning (Circa, Crap)
Peoples Golfing Action
We are all over the place!
Political Poetry
Queer Arabs
Flash Mobs
Bumping into everyone you ever slept with (at the ESF)

Make Poverty History
Red Pepper (we were there first!)
The Millenium Dome
German anarchist trousers
"G8 Alternatives" (Globalise Resistance, we know you are!)
Casualisation of Labour
Spanish Squat Mullets
Both feet in
Fairy Wings
War in Iraq
Beyond Peoples Global Action
We are everywhere!
Political Ranting
Campesina Dykes (dropping down from last year)
Mass Mobs
Arguing with all your ex lovers in public during the ESF

the European Socializing Forum


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