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'The Chaps' out in force 'civilising the city'

Betty Boo | 16.10.2004 16:24 | Social Struggles

A group of ladies and gentlemen were out in London today counteracting the vulgarities of everyday life, immaculately dressed in suits, tweed and smart hats, sporting waxed moustaches and pipes, doffing their caps to passersbys.

In a bid to civilise the city about 30 odd ladies and gentlemen were seen today at around 1pm lined up outside Tottenham Court Road tube station entrance, doffing their hats to people emerging from the station and wishing them a good afternoon. They were holding signs informing people that they were "chaps" out on the street to "civilise the city" and that people were entering a "doffing zone"

Once the "doffing" session at Tottenham Court Road was completed, the group moved on to Oxford Circus. The ladies and gentlemen were advised to avert their eyes from the vulgarities they were going to witness on the way. Police following them were overheard discussing whether this group was likely to be peaceful or not! How vulgar! Once at Oxford Circus, they again lined up outside the tube station entrance and doffed and greeted passersby and indulged in a few "Tally Hos".

These finely dressed folk were keen to greet all people, but announced that they may discriminate against people wearing sportswear and trainers. People were urged to indulge in tweeds and fine wines, and warned that by entering the tube station they were entering the belly of the beast. They were last seen doffing their hats on the way towards Piccadilly Circus.

Betty Boo


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