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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Peoples' Global Action Info Evening at London's LARC, Tonight Friday 24th!

24-10-2003 13:19

Peoples' Global Action Infopoint Evening:
LARC, 62 Fieldgate street, Aldgate East or Whitechapel tubes
Friday 24th Oct, 7.30pm.

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London Earth First!

24-10-2003 08:39

Launch of London EF! 3rd November 2003 @ 7pm - Autonomy Club, Freedom Bookshop

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Watch Eviction Live

24-10-2003 07:57

Live Cam

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fiction: The Death of Ariel Sharon

24-10-2003 07:26

A Short story (or a poem in prose) by Andrew L. Wilson

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Eviction Day

24-10-2003 07:19

Finaly Count down. You coming to help?

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Help me, if you know php

24-10-2003 05:58

I am developing a portal for monitoring the policing in developing countries for transparent, accountable and responsible policing. I want to modify php nuke for this purpose and need help from any activist group interested in promoting civil rights and civil liberties. This will have no copy right and will be diturbuted free and will surely tune up criminal justice system which is under threat in countries in transition.

It will be community and content driven and will have open publishing where common people can post their compaliants against police authorities and the volunteers will try to help them out.
e-mail me at:

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Nunca Mais international demonstration

23-10-2003 22:07

16th day 11th month 2003
Santiago de Compostela
@ mid day

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St.Agnes Place Update

23-10-2003 20:43

Support the Street update.

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Bolivian Embassy to WTO Occupied in Geneva

23-10-2003 17:57

Bolivian Embassy to WTO occupied in Geneva.
Saturday 18th October.

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remember 5th November

23-10-2003 15:01

the do summat first meeting announcement:

Wednesday 5th November at 6pm at the manchester university student union building.. 2nd floor room MR2

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Bolivia in Crisis Oover Gas Sale to California.

23-10-2003 15:00

Bolivia is once again in a state of political crisis. Since mid-September,a wave of protest has spread across the country demanding government action on a variety of issues - the main one suspension of a proposed mega-deal to sell Bolivian natural gas to California.

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Endorse Jayyous Women's March Against the Wall

23-10-2003 13:56

Message of Support to the Jayyous Women's Charitable Society ‘WOMEN MARCH AGAINST THE WALL ‘Mothers demand right to feed their children’

Today the Global Women's Strike holds a support action at lunchtime in the centre of Galway as part of Palestine Support Week in Ireland North and South. In London the Anti-War Community Picket in Parliament Square, 5.30-7pm will give the latest news.

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CBI (Confederation of British Industry) in Brum, Nov 16-18

23-10-2003 10:29

CBI's conference logo
The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) are having their national 2003 conference
in Birmingham from November 16th to 18th. There will be a focus on "international
competitiveness" - you know, the economic dogma that pits people against each other and
keeps conditions sweet for profit maximisation. They have an "all-star" cast of
people from various dark worlds such as the WTO (Supachai), lobby groups (Strube, head
of UNICE) and industry (Fitzgerald, top dog at Unilever), as well as a crop of
UK ministers such as Hewitt.

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Peoples Global Action Info Evening at London's LARC, Fri 24th

22-10-2003 13:40

Peoples Global Action Infopoint Evening:

LARC, 62 Fieldgate street, Whitechaple tube
Friday 24th Oct, 7.30pm.

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UK antiwar group wrecks Bush visit

22-10-2003 13:02

An report...

by Shaista Aziz
Tuesday 21 October 2003 2:16 PM GMT

Antiwar activists are claiming a first round victory over attempts to stop President Bush's first state visit to the UK.

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Poster for KM0 screening

22-10-2003 09:35

Video JPG version
Here is the poster for the Km0 screening which will take place on Sunday, 26 October at 7:30 pm, Locomotive Pub, 44 Mill Road, Cambridge.

You can view a trailer of the film at

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Resist the Eviction : Defend St Agnes Place this friday

21-10-2003 21:30

kids games at street party
Defend St Agnes Place - 15 homes up for eviction this friday!
(kennington, south london)
Details at
Plus check out streaming radio.

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Mad Pride at the anarchist bookfair

21-10-2003 20:31

Mad Pride will be sharing the usual stall at the anarchist bookfair, this Saturday October 25th, with Spare Change Books.

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free taa happening now EC1

21-10-2003 14:16

a week long explosion of art n culture in a squatted london venue

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Hip-Hop is a true expression of a revolutionary culture!

21-10-2003 13:27

For an oppressed people, there is no valid culture unless it is a revolutionary culture. Huey P. Newton (co-founder of the Black Panther Party)