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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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FIT policing at the Gaza demo (Sat 3rd Jan)

09-01-2009 19:13

The Gaza demonstration last Saturday was justifiably passionate, angry and determined, and there were many more there than the 12,000 that the police claimed.

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Direct Action; Greece, UK, Mexico & USA

09-01-2009 18:03

7th-9th January


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'PCSO Watch'

09-01-2009 17:51

The Office is interested in playfully and creatively engaging with concerned individuals to interact and comment on government initiatives relating to surveillance, control and policing. The Office of Community Sousveillance will be patrolling hotspots around Nottingham during January 2009.

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325 #6 Out Now - Social War & Anarchy. Jan 2009

09-01-2009 13:56

325 is an insurgent anti-prison zine of social war & anarchy, published underground for the last 5 years. It is an irregular platform for hidden news of the ongoing resistance against capitalism and the state, and the situations of the prisoners, who are imprisoned for their ideals.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 9th January 2009

09-01-2009 12:26

'No immigration procedures affecting children have been changed by the UKBA Code of practice for keeping children safe from harm'

There are 43 children in Yarl's Wood IRC this morning

Raphael aged 5, has now spent 36 days in immigration detention
His mother still does not have removal directions, please email/fax every day.

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Vigil at Foreign Secretary Milibands Primrose Hill house: TODAY 2PM

09-01-2009 12:13

A group of Islington residents and supporters of Yibna will hold a vigil in front of the house of David Miliband in Primrose Hill. They will protest against the appeasement by Foreign Secretary Miliband of the 2 week long Israeli blitz of Gaza.

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Massive riot in Oslo over Palestine

09-01-2009 10:34

Tens of thousands in demo in support of Gaza tonight; the biggest
riots in decades both before and after main demonstration. All main
street smashed to pieces. The kids have organized, and hooked up with
the autonomists. New big demo called for on Saturday, outside Israeli

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Please help Naverah Nuzhat Saleemi and her four children

09-01-2009 10:32

Naverah, and her four children Ahmad (age 12), Hassan (age 11), Husnain (age 11) and Humna (age 8), nationals of Pakistan and residents of Glasgow, were detained on Monday whilst reporting to the Home Office at Festival Court. They are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Sunday 11th January at 16:50 on

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Candlelit vigil (Southampton) gratuitious ...write your own comment also please.

09-01-2009 02:37

arabic - Gaza - candle vigil in Southampton
People came from far and near came, to hold their candles and share the cold and the sadness for others further away where electricity, water. food and ordinary daily needs are not being met because of savage oppression, killing, maimings and bombing.

Hanthala turned up, I reflect he was saddened and if you could have seen his face there were tears of blood - yet he held a bright candle with us - he holds a candle even now whilst many of us sleep he holds it high - hope happens in community never alone, alone we despair.

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Report: Militant Picket of M&S in Newcastle 08.01.09

09-01-2009 01:07

Tonight over 30 people took part in a noisy and angry picket of Marks and Spencer, Britain's biggest corporate sponsor of Israel. A banner was held across the main entrance and information was distributed to passers-by. Many members of the public took the opportunity to join the picket and express their anger at Israel's actions in Gaza and Britain's continuing complicity.

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Greece: 25/12 to 6/1 report

08-01-2009 20:23

This is an update on the most critical events of the past two weeks in Greece

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What's Happening In Greece? - Find Out 15th January

08-01-2009 19:07

Political corruption, economic collapse, obscene inequalities and police and state repression made such an explosive mixture that the killing of teenage Alexandros Grigoropoulos blew up in the face of the Greek ruling class. WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW?

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Camden "Super Virus and Animal Testing Lab" sign Government Petition to No. 10

08-01-2009 15:55

There are plans to build a vast high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. This opposed by MI5, MPs , councillors, local businesses and residents. There is an online government petition against this. Please sign online by going to

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The Long March of the Cuban Revolution

08-01-2009 14:09

In 1960, C. Wright Mills warned Americans that the revolution in Cuba was the start of a wider process that would spread to Latin America and the third world. On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, practically anyone can see that our continent has begun a new era...

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Press Release: “What are You Doing About it?”: 7yrs of GTMO

08-01-2009 11:06

The London Guantánamo Campaign is holding a weekend full of actions in London from Friday 9- Sunday 11 January to mark the seventh anniversary of Guantánamo Bay opening up including a cultural event on Friday night, local actions on Saturday and Sunday and a demo outside the US Embassy at 3pm on Sunday 11 January. Say NO to torture, NO to arbitrary detention and NO more anniversaries!

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Request the Release of Raphael and his mother Oluseye

07-01-2009 15:43

Raphael aged 5, has now spent 34 days in immigration detention

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Call For A New International - post forward

07-01-2009 15:17

A post to forward the message, and to repeat it as many times as necessary: Source:

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Progress on Actions for Gaza in Newcastle

07-01-2009 12:43

After a really productive organising meeting last night, which was attended by around 25-30 people from many different backgrounds and political persuasions, we are building for the following programme of events over the next week (and have a whole load more ideas we didn't even get chance to discuss fully!).

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The End of Capitalism?

07-01-2009 09:03

The collective consciousness of the U.S. working class is on the brink of a profound transformation. We grew up being told that capitalism was the best of all possible systems, with apparent confirmation being supplied by the fall of the Soviet Union. But we are now entering a new reality that has the potential to overturn all the old, established assumptions — perhaps, in the final analysis, even to overturn capitalism itself.

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An all new show on Riseup Radio

06-01-2009 23:44

bringing you the latest news on student activism in Nottingham and playing music from student bands.