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'PCSO Watch'

The Office of Community Sousveillance | 09.01.2009 17:51 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

The Office is interested in playfully and creatively engaging with concerned individuals to interact and comment on government initiatives relating to surveillance, control and policing. The Office of Community Sousveillance will be patrolling hotspots around Nottingham during January 2009.

What is 'PCSO Watch'?

PCSO Watch is inspired by an incident back in October 2007, when Officer Rob O' Copp, the founding member of the Office of Community Sousveillance was fined £30 by a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), for cycling a short distance across the pavement towards a cycle stand in Nottingham City Centre.

The project is led by Officer Rob O'Copp who is inviting other maverick 'Officers' to join him to playfully gather information, data, and stories about PCSOs and their Community Protection Officer (CPO) colleagues. Officers are asking the public for help in contributing their own stories and interactions to add to our online blog.

"PCSO Watch is a playful piece of research, which, I should add for the record, is completely unmotivated by revenge on my part in any way whatsoever." Officer Rob O'Copp

We are looking for members of the public who would like to be interviewed anonymously or wearing a disguise for our video archive. If you are interested in contributing, or for more information please contact:

Officer Rob O'Copp at The Office of Community Sousveillance
phone 07530 946082

The Office of Community Sousveillance
- e-mail:


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