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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Cologne No Border Camp Attacked

09-08-2003 13:32

The noborder-camp in in cologne, germany has been surrounded by heavy police forces the press group reports that the water has been cut off (temperatures are around 40° celsius / 100 (?) fahrenheit) temporarily people are being chased, teargassed and taken into cutsody inside the camp injuries are reported todays anti racist demonstration was thwarted

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Geek Aid for Africa

09-08-2003 10:05

click on the link-

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Jobs for the boys in Iraq

08-08-2003 20:16

Bush appoints one of his main fundraisers to oversee privatisation in Iraq. There is of course no question of corruption, or of jobs for the boys.

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You are all coming to Barcelona.

08-08-2003 17:57

Call invitation manifesto message communiqué chinese whisper rumour.

this weeks news from the paral·lel universe of Okupe-dominio.

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Sheffield social forum update

07-08-2003 21:01

This is the second sheffield social forum *organising* meeting and here are a few of the main points:

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Protesters attack Brazil's Congress

07-08-2003 10:47

Protesters attack Brazil's Congress

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Report on latest hearing in "terrorism" case

07-08-2003 08:11

Brief report on latest hearing (July 28) in case of people arrested in December and charged with belonging to proscribed organisation from Turkey the DHKP-C.

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Outcry Mental Health Conference

07-08-2003 00:30

OUTCRY; a conference of direct user and survivor voices, speaking out against prejudice and government proposals to increase compulsion.

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Photos of the Oxford Street Intifada event

06-08-2003 14:42

Oxford Street Intifada 1
These are four photos of the Oxford Street Intifada event that took place on 2 August

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Palestine: major public meeting

06-08-2003 12:59

Major public meeting on Palestine coming up!

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Hull info, and prisoner support group

06-08-2003 10:33

Anarchist Prisoner Support, and some info

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06-08-2003 08:58

Leading anti-war groups and prominent activists sign on to campaign
challenging "second invasion" of Iraq by corporate interests

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Report of the Oxford Street Intifada 2 August 2003

05-08-2003 03:19

Report of the Oxford Street Intifada 2 August 2003

Last Saturday the Palestinian resistance was brought to the shops and shoppers of Oxford Street by individuals from Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, ISM, Che-Leila Youth Brigades, MPAC and other organisations. The aim of the day was to expose the reality of the Zionist state and those corporations that do trade with it.

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Director Michael Burns of Third Party, a new documentary film on politics

05-08-2003 01:28

A review of a new documentary film on US political third parties. The most comprehensive film to date on the subject.

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American Arabs and Jews Agree on Path to Peace

04-08-2003 17:37

If politicians could but put away their misconceptions about Arab Americans and American Jews and their unfounded fears of a mythical bloc vote, they would realize that a strong base of support for peaces exists into which they could tap.

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No Sweat (Anti-Sweatshop) Meeting

04-08-2003 14:30

There is a Sheffield No Sweat meeting for people who are interested in anti-sweatshop campaigning, on Thursday August 14th, at 7:30pm, at St Matthews Hall on Carver Street (just off Division St).

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Vancouver man killed by police

04-08-2003 03:54

VANCOUVER - A 36 year-old man is dead after being shot by Vancouver Police inside a home on the city's West Side on Saturday night.

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Human Experimentation, State Sponsored Torture, and The US Government

04-08-2003 01:35

It is about the life that I have personally received from the United States government and its agencies for last many years. It is about Systematic and Deliberate Human Destruction. It is about US agencies engaging in denial of Universally Acceptable Human Rights. It is about the HUMAN RIGHTS of one COMMON MAN and his family. NOTHING MORE and NOTHING LESS.

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Whats latest on Simon C?

03-08-2003 13:38

Update on Simon Situ anyone?

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& now they're eviction plants.

01-08-2003 20:41

Can Pascual guay. = Cool Can Pascual
This weeks report from the paral·lel universe of Okupe-dominium.

Police come without bulldozers and threaten the blessed herb of Can Mas Deu.

Eviction = Cultivation.