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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Beginning and the End of Life

23-08-2005 01:12

Ten years post - war, Serbia continues her legacy of destruction.

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Jordan arrests 2 Egyptian suspects over Aqaba attack

22-08-2005 12:58

AMMAN — Police on Sunday detained two Egyptians suspected of involvement in a rocket attack on US warships moored off the southern Port of Aqaba, a day after arresting an Iraqi, security sources told Agence France-Presse. "The security forces detained two Egyptian suspects," one source said, declining to elaborate.

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Nottingham Protest against Deportations to Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) :: Pictures

22-08-2005 12:44

Desperate to reach his targets, the home secretary is abducting Iraqi asyslum seekers to detention centres for return to Iraq. This goes against UNHCR advice that "failed" asylum seekers should not be sent back to Iraq, either forceably or by inducement, because the country is unstable and dangerous.

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Kids Take the Power Back With Mobiles

22-08-2005 08:13

As the school year starts, school admins and scotland yard find out that the kids have decided to use their devices for things other than those intended.

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Resistance Dance/Drama Performance - Palestinians in London

21-08-2005 21:56

group photo in Balata
Making their world debut with this UK tour, youth from Balata Refugee Camp, Occupied Palestine will make a stop to perform their powerful original piece, A'edoon in London on Tuesday the 23rd of August, at St Georges Theatre, 49 Tufnell Park Road, N7 0PS.

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IAN BLAIR (hopefully soon to be ex Police Commissioner), COVERUP COP

20-08-2005 15:34

Jean Charles de Menezes and Jean's heartbroken family deserve justice and the truth. We all deserve a police force that protect us. Jean's cousin Alessandro Pereira is right, he wants those who break the law including the 'police' murderers who illegally killed Jean to be prosecuted.

"Shoot to kill", no questions asked, only happens police states, and is dangerous to the rule of law and puts the lives of other innocents like Jean Charles de Menezes at risk.
The police are supposed to uphold the law and tell the truth
Instead Blair, you allowed the murder of innocent Jean Charles de Menezes. Then you told lies about what happened, but worse you lied about Jean and smeared his good reputation.

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Building Threat to Greenbelt Land near Sheffield

20-08-2005 03:15

On the 18 May 2005, Rotherham Council agreed to sell land ........which will be used to provide an access road............ This was agreed without consulting users of this open space................A detailed planning application to build 600 houses, by Bryant Homes, is expected shortly. It is felt that the Council will have a conflict of interest when dealing with this application.Why does Rotherham want to enable building on this open countryside when it has a large number of brown field sites?

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Bristol Rally in support of Jerry Hicks

19-08-2005 21:57

The meeting
On Wednesday around 400 people packed into the College Green hall in the centre of Bristol for a rally in support of sacked Rolls Royce trade unionist Jerry Hicks. As well as activists from Jerry’s union Amicus there were representatives from the NUJ, NATFHE, T&G, RMT, CWU, NUT, AEEU and the FBU. Not a bad turnout when you consider that it was mid August and most people are on holiday.

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Council serve eviction notice

19-08-2005 14:46

notts squatters served with eviction notice from the council

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To die by mistake

19-08-2005 12:16

A text from Brazil by Urariano Mota, brazilian writer and journalist, about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.

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Death of Iraqi brothers sparks anti-U.S. rage

19-08-2005 12:04

BAGHDAD - An angry Iraqi crowd carried coffins through a Baghdad district on Thursday and threw rocks at American soldiers, accusing U.S. troops of killing three innocent middle-aged brothers, one of them in a wheelchair.

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Caterpillar picket - Sat 20th August

18-08-2005 19:08

Saturday 20th August, 11:15am

Caterpillar action

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The killing of Jean Charles de Menezes

18-08-2005 15:56

Craig Murray reacts to the latest revelations about the probable murder of Jean Charles de Menezes

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Defend Civil Liberties - No Racist Scapegoating

18-08-2005 13:50

Public Meeting
Thursday 25 August 2005, 7.30pm
Oxford Town Hall

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Lydd Airport- protest at expansion- Aug 27th

18-08-2005 11:24

Newly formed coalition group ( Lydd Airport-No Expansion LA-NE, Shepway Friends of the Earth, Shepway Green Party, Shepway Lib Dems ) protest. Aug 27th 1100 am

See also below:meeting Aug 23rd Hythe Town hall 7.30pm (LAAG group)

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Support the United Network of Detained Zimbabweans UK

18-08-2005 09:18

On 4th August the United Network of Detained Zimbabweans (UNDZ) and its supporters had a victory at the High Court when deportations of Zimbabwean asylum seekers were halted temporarily until the end of September. The UNDZ needs your support to continue its vital work on behalf of Zimbabweans refugees in the UK.

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War Mother's stakeout of Bush gathering international support

18-08-2005 08:55

Cindy Sheehan makes uk Flagship News Programme

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The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove.

17-08-2005 23:34

"The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove".
We need help distributing the 10000+ leaflets door to door in Brighton on Sunday.

Please come to the Cowley club at 12pm Sunday

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Hardship fund for Gate Gourmet workers

17-08-2005 20:04

Hardship fund for Gate Gourmet workers