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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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HOW Michael Keith has done Council housing stock transfer in the East End

05-10-2005 04:31

Exclusive Social study on tackling poverty and social exclusion in London’s East End!

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Stirling Palestine Solidarity Campaign has first victory

04-10-2005 23:36

Since this post, the SPSC has managed to get the motion passed through SUSA senate.

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Free screening of "Pressure" + Q&A with director Horace Ove

04-10-2005 19:43

Pressure flyer
Honouring a Black British film pioneer:

A rare chance to see a British classic – a free screening of “Pressure”, the first ever Black British feature film + Q&A with director Horace Ove. As part of Hackney’s celebration of Black History Month 2005, the film will be shown at the Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High St, Dalston, E8 on Saturday October 15, 2005 @ 2pm.

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Tembak Aja – Just Shoot

04-10-2005 13:02

The recent bombings in Bali have once again highlighted the inappropriate (disastrous) approach of the ‘us and them’ mentality. There is ‘no love lost’ in divisionism. The Australian Senate, take note! Western analysts fail to understand that Muslims take personally another Muslim’s plight. Race or nationality has little relevance in the context of the unifying familial aspects of Islam. Kill a Palestinian and Muslims in Indonesia, Sudan (everywhere) will feel the loss. Furthermore, many would feel obliged to take positive action to prevent the further loss of Muslim life. However, Muslim fanatics fail to understand a principal tenet of Islam, the brotherhood of all humanity; taking innocent life is strictly forbidden. But we take the simplistic view of the fanatics and Western politicians, the question should be, who benefits from these bombings?

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A Feminist Response to War?

03-10-2005 23:07

"In war, it is only men that matter..." True or false?

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West Midlands Anarchists Update

03-10-2005 15:31

This is an overview of what west midlands anarchists are going to be up to in the coming months after decisions taken at our general meeting on the 2/10/05.

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03-10-2005 11:42

E.U. summit to be held in London.

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Callout for October's Critical Mass

03-10-2005 07:26

The text of the callout for October's Critical Mass. Lets make this huge and protect our Critical Mass. Print out leaflets and sitribute them to other cyclists

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Unity Injustice - "Bringing Justice back home" Conference

03-10-2005 01:36

A working conference that will look at the failings of the secretive family courts & child protection systems whilst looking to create a roadmap for reform that prohibits further mass injustices within British families and wholesale state endorsed abduction of innocent children for financial reward.

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(audio) Mindwalk 15: Working Class Hero

02-10-2005 23:29

Jody Paulson speaks of the Bush supporter who desecrated a memorial in Crawford. A Seymore Hersch edit by excerpted from Democracy Now. John Lennon, Jello Biafra and Eminem inthe mix. Strong language used.. LPFM should air during safe harbor.

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Support Gate Gourmet and BA Heathrow workers - Nottingham Support meeting

02-10-2005 15:55

Gate Gourmet may be 'resolved' but the sacked workers at Gate Gourmet and BA Heathrow workers still need solidarity

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Ex-Carabiniere Shooter Won't Speak At Genoa G8 Trial

02-10-2005 12:47

Translation of press release by Supporto Legale. Mario Placanica, the ex-Carabiniere who killed an anti-globalization protestor during the Genoa G8 clashes in 2001, appears at hearing.

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800 March in Glasgow on Saturday against deportations

02-10-2005 09:46

800 people marched in Glasgow against deportations and detentions
This report aken from BBC News Saturday 1st October 2005.
Anyone got any links to photos or reports from the participants point of view?

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Radical meeting in Neath

01-10-2005 22:16

New Orleans,Bush and Racism in the USA

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No Borders demo at communications house

01-10-2005 17:33

Communications House.
Refigees have to 'sign on' at immigration facility Communications House which is located at the top end of city road by the Old Street roundabout. Unlike signing on the dole refugees are regularly detained at Communications House, put in holding cells then deported. Imagine having to report to a building every week not knowing if your about to be returned to the country where you have been tortured? Very humane...

Today's demo was called to draw attention to what is happening inside the building. More to follow.

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London Critical Mass 30th September 2005

01-10-2005 11:29

Last night at the 30th September 2005 London Critical Mass a letter was distributed by cycle police to participants before the start of the ride. Here is a transcription.

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New Iranian Protest - Stop killing gays

30-09-2005 14:35

OutRage! and axm magazine call for mass protest against the homophobic atrocities in Iran outside the Iranian Embassy, London from 1pm on Tuesday 4th October.

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Who authorisedd Michael Keith to lie about Tower Hamlets to MPs?

30-09-2005 12:13

“The Author / CAAL, 2005...The collection of independently verifiable evidence on the incidents and the frequency of lying by persons whether as current councillors or as senior employees of Tower Hamlets Council as well as the conduct of MPs, MEPs and GLA members covering the same area as the LBTH Council area, with the object of stopping these persosn from lying FULL STOP”

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Rising Tide CLIMATE ACTION NEWS SHEET 52, 28.9.05

29-09-2005 23:08

Back from the summer lull and ready to roll…

Compiled and sent out by Rising Tide UK:
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