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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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"Put me down! I won't bring you happiness" More Buy Nothing Day Pixie-ing

30-11-2006 18:22

A merry band of Oxford pixies full of the joys of the season visited many, many shops - including Miss Selfridges, Topshop, Gap, HMV and Dixons - placing thought-provoking stickers in dressing rooms and on products.

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Brighton-Tubas Region Friendship and Solidarity Group Newsletter

30-11-2006 16:34

The Brighton Tubas Region Friendship and Solidarity Group is a network aiming at fostering links between community organisations in Tubas, occupied Palestine, and Brighton.

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Report back from Defy-ID gathering in Nottingham

30-11-2006 15:54

Two members of Liverpool Defy-ID attended the gathering in Nottingham last Saturday,
there were over 50 people there at the SUMAC centre. There were workshops where
the people were broken up into three different groups:

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Campaign to free Dame Dieng, a young computer genius imprisoned in Senegal

30-11-2006 06:23

Dame Dieng is 21 and has been arrested without any valid explanation, the Senegalese police invented the same old insult and threat known for centuries stuff when they invaded the political opponent, Idrissa Seck, headquarters where Dame Dieng happened to be, he had been recruited by this contradictor to the authoritarian Wade regime after having worked for a newspaper’s website and proved there his incredible gifts for computer matters.

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call for prison related articles

29-11-2006 21:29

prison related articles, pictures and poems wanted!

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UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights REJECTED

29-11-2006 21:25

First Nations Leadership Council Troubled By Today's Vote at the United
Nations: Inaction on Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Demo at RAF Brize Norton Dec 2

29-11-2006 12:44

A national anti-war demonstration will take place at RAF Brize Norton on Sat., Dec. 2nd. Assemble noon on Carterton Rd near Brize Norton village for a 1 pm march past the main gate of the base to the Carterton Rec where there will be a rally with speakers. Bring your own signs and flowers to lay at the main gate of the base in remembrance of the dead of all nationalities.

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Critical Mass Bike Ride this Friday 1st December

29-11-2006 12:12

Birmingham's Critical Mass bike ride meets this Friday 1st December at 6.00pm outside St. Phil's Cathedral.

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THC4MS 3 face jail for helping Multiple Sclerosis sufferers

29-11-2006 12:10

Three medicinal cannabis activists have waited nearly two years to face trial for conspiring to supply cannabis chocolate to people with multiple sclerosis. They have been told they have no defence and yet refuse to accept they are guilty of anything other than helping seriously ill people by providing them with effective medicine for which there is still no legal alternative.

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CSSGJ opening event: David Harvey live!

29-11-2006 09:21

To mark the opening of the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice at Nottingham University we are hosting a lecture by one of the best known critical intellectuals in the world: Distinguished Professor David Harvey who will speak on 'Social Justice and the City'.

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NHS Blood Workers See Red

29-11-2006 09:20

Workers are considering a walkout to stop the government closing 14 regional blood centres around England.

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CSSGJ open seminar - The university as site of social struggles

29-11-2006 09:08

academic author and activist Anna Stavrianakis will be a giving a talk on the university as a site of militarised capitalism and site of social struggle - all welcome!

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Latest from Oaxaca and San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

28-11-2006 22:00

Oaxaca: Mass arrests, dissent crushing, Indymedia journalist disappeared.
San Cristobal de las Casas: Military spotted in the streets.

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Huge Demonstration in Cite Soleil, Haiti

28-11-2006 20:55

Cite Soleil Protest
Demonstrators demand the physical return of Aristide, the exit of MINUSTAH, rehabilitation of all civil employees illegally dismissed, and freedom for all political prisoners

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Offensive Continues Against the APPO

28-11-2006 20:54

Government Launches New Aggression Against the Popular Assembly Movement

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Oxford Shoppers Left Bemused By Consumer Cult

27-11-2006 23:48

The iPostles warm up for a hard day's worship
The Rev. E. Littlehelps, Lord High Purchaser of the Cult of Consumerism, explains in his own words what happened when a group of activists pretending to be corporation-worshippers descended on Oxford City Centre for International Buy Nothing Day.

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Private health centres fall flat

27-11-2006 23:46

Rob Ray interviews a leading health watchdog on the rollout of Independent Sector Treatment Centres, which have faced strong criticism as heralding the start of privatisation for the NHS.

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Reclaim The Night- TOMORROW 6.30pm

27-11-2006 20:30

Oxford University Student Union is organising a Reclaim The Night march on the 28th November, protesting against violence against women and demonstrating for the right of women to walk the streets at night without fear. All women from Oxford and the local area are warmly invited to join the march- we want to unite the local community of Oxford for this march.

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Support Mercy Murua and Peter Gichura, disabled activists at risk of deportation

27-11-2006 17:23

Mercy and Peter
Dear friends
We ask you to take action and speak out in support of Mercy Murua and Peter Gichura, two disabled activists who face almost certain persecution and death if they are deported back to Kenya. Ms, Murua is in WinVisible, and Mr, Gichura takes part in our joint activities, including the "Claim the Buses" transport action day by wheelchair users, organised by Transport for All in August 2006.