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Reclaim The Night- TOMORROW 6.30pm

VP (Women) | 27.11.2006 20:30 | Gender | Social Struggles | Oxford

Oxford University Student Union is organising a Reclaim The Night march on the 28th November, protesting against violence against women and demonstrating for the right of women to walk the streets at night without fear. All women from Oxford and the local area are warmly invited to join the march- we want to unite the local community of Oxford for this march.

The march will start at 6.30 on Cowley Place (outside St Hilda's College), progress across Magdalen Bridge, and end in a candlelit vigil on Broad St at 8.

Because latest Amnesty figures show that 1 billion women alive today have been physically or sexually assaulted worldwide - Because freedom to live without fear of violence should be a universal human right - Because whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no

VP (Women)
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