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Bouganville Benfit - second hand sale - Leeds

15-10-2004 13:24

We are putting on a second hand sale as a benfit for SSP (Solidarity South Pacific)'s support for the eco-revolution on Bougainvile. Amongst other things this support will include a shipment of medical aid early next year.

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Waterloo train station No Border action

15-10-2004 12:07

Two hundred people got into the Waterloo station international terminal, to highlight the virtualisation and ubiquity of borders and protest again deportations.

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MI6 Accused of Using Data Gained by Torture in Uzbek Jails

15-10-2004 10:52

BRITAIN’S ambassador to Uzbekistan has accused MI6 of using information obtained by foreign governments through the use of torture, according to a leaked document published yesterday.

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European Social Forum Starts!

15-10-2004 09:45

Alexandra Palace, North London.
This is a short account of the build up to the European Social Forum in London.

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Precarity: New forms of exploitation, new forms of resistance at Beyond ESF

15-10-2004 09:14

The imposition of and resistance to precarious forms of work is one of the themes of Beyond ESF (, a self-organised space being held to co-incide with the European Social Forum. Two very different workshops ('YOMANGO...because you can't buy happiness' and 'Dole resistance, unwaged activism and precarious work')yesterday showed how the concept of 'precarity' presents us with practical novelties in the structures which exploit us, and how innovative forms of resistance can help us struggle on this new terrain.

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Take action against British complicity in the US executions

14-10-2004 22:35

Falsely convicted death row survivors spoke at the Rampart social centre as part of the Rampart centre's involvement in ESF Automomous Spaces on Thursday night. Members of the US group, Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty spoke about the dire need for a Moratorium on executions in the United States. Ray Krone and Williams Nieves were amoungst the activists and spoke with insight and from bitter experience about their treatment at the hands of the very government which 'holds itself up as the example the rest of the world is supposed to follow'.

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Houston TX protest of Ahimsa seizures @ Swiss consulate

14-10-2004 20:44

IN Houston Texas 15 supporters of the Independant Media Center gathered to protest at the Swiss consulate, and after a lengthy process of negotiation with the building security and police, were able to meet with and deliver demands for the end of repression of the IMC network.

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Register for P10K - Palestine

14-10-2004 17:43

O'Keefe & Vanunu
Justice for Palestine

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We convict the Intensifying newspapers banning and journalists arresting in Iran

14-10-2004 01:03

Demo aginst Banning
in Iran,Islamic Republic has intensified to menace and detain Iranian journalists in recent weeks.

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The "Days of Penitence": Gaza Sinks in a Sea of Blood

13-10-2004 19:43

Mohammed, a children's aid worker and independent journalist in Rafah, reports on recent events in Jabalya, Gaza.

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The struggle of the Venepal workers (Venezuela)

13-10-2004 17:01

On September 7, 2004, the owners of Venepal, a paper mill in Morón, Carabobo, in Venezuela, decided to cease their operations and not pay their 400 workers their wages. This is not the first time something like this has happened. A year ago the company took the same decision alleging financial difficulties. At that time the workers decided to occupy the premises in a bitter eleven-week struggle. Now they are demanding that the government nationalises the company and puts it under workers’ control and management. This is an extremely important struggle which could be crucial for the future of the labour movement and the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela.

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ESF: Join the anticapitalist Block!

13-10-2004 12:53

1. Call out for an Anticapitalist Block in the international Demonstration at The ESF
2. Interesting workshops and seminars in London.

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Venezuela: After the Referendum

13-10-2004 12:42

* The August 2004 elections legitimized Hugo Chávez's presidency, approved by the multinational powers-that-be, despite the opposition's claims of electoral fraud. We, at El Libertario (issue 39, September/October 2004), presented an indepth analysis of the consecuences of the referendum, as well as proposals for action in the new circumstances. We shall now quote a couple of notes from that issue that express the essence of the venezuelan anarchists' perspective.

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ESF radio calling you

12-10-2004 15:48

"RAM radio, reaching the PARTS other radios can not reach..."

Over 5 times more popular than any other indymedia station online today*

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4 Days of Communication Rights and Tactical media Production - Full Programme

12-10-2004 15:44

Here there's the full programe of events of the "4 Days of Communication Rights and Tactical Media Production", that takes place at the Camden Centre in London as part of the Autonomous Spaces around the oficial European Social Forum.

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Pennsylvania Activists Seeking Your Help in London

11-10-2004 17:46

Pennsylvania Abolitionists are looking for your help in protesting the death penalty practices of Pennsylvania in London. Pennsylvania Foreign Direct Investment Co. has an office in London and we are looking to place pressure on foreign firms that invest in Pennsylvania to help abolish the death penalty. Exonerees from death row and activists from PA Abolitioists will be touring Europe for three weeks to help end the barbaric practice of state sponsored killing. On October 18th, we will hold a deonstration in front of the office located at 78 Durham Rd. (SW20OTL).

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Campaign To Abolish Council Tax

11-10-2004 10:32

London Protestors
The IsItFair campaign is NATIONWIDE, NON-PARTY POLITICAL and FOR EVERYONE (not only pensioners) who wants the existing system of Council Tax abolished.

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Pagan Activism During ESF

10-10-2004 21:08

Pagan Activist events during ESF including a Dionysian Smart Mob and an evening of workshops.

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The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

10-10-2004 18:23

We, artists, performers, tribes from the Free Art, we have been undergoing police repressions, abusive laws, the pressures of cultural industries and capitalist economy for a long time.

To denounce these intolerable pressures, we declare the weekend of October 30th will be « the night of the packs ».

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Protest against civil service cuts for staff and service provision

10-10-2004 15:11

The Public and Commercial Union has organised a rally on Friday outside Sheffield Town Hall 12:30-13:30 to highlight the decimation of public services being proposed by the Government and all other mainstream political parties and to encourage members of the Union to vote yes to a Civil Service wide 1 day strike on November 5th.

All are welcome.