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01-05-2007 14:25

We are seeing a massive explosion in rat populations across the country thanks to imposition of fortnightly waste collection. Our problems are only just beginning as we put public health at risk.

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Mayday Dancing in The Streets meeting point

01-05-2007 14:16

A street party in corporate London on Tues May 1st 2007

Meeting Point:
5pm by the clocks
Reuters Square / Canada Square
The south side of Canary Wharf - London

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Mirfield BNP Candidate- Ex Convict?

01-05-2007 10:40

Information has reached us here at the Kirklees Unity newsdesk that the Mirfield BNP candidate is an alleged convicted fraudster.

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Stop the deportation of Tresor Nlabu Masampu to DR Congo and being torn away fro

01-05-2007 05:10

Opposition political activist, Tresor Nlabu Masampu, is currently in Colnbrook IRC's Health Centre. He was injured in a recent deportation attempt and another attempt to deport him on Monday 23rd April was stopped at the last minute. Removal directions have now been reset for Tuesday the 8th May.

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Students Re-Occupy Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City Today

01-05-2007 01:41

Today Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City was re-occupied by students who sypathize with the APPO (Assemblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca) for the first time sinse November.

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More about precarity: Mayday Milan Call

30-04-2007 23:56

The feature on Mayday speaks of "the precarious". In Milan, the Mayday activists have sent out a Mayday call that explains a bit more about the condition of precarity. Its about Italy, and each Mayday has its own story, but they are connected in many ways, too.

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films and talks at Camberwell Squatted Centre this week

30-04-2007 22:31

Here follows a short list of this weeks excitement for all at the new-ish south london social centre. all events free. check our website for full may programme

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Fron CUBA, this 1st May...

30-04-2007 20:02

Este 1 de mayo de 2007 es la fecha de lanzamiento de Cubainformación, un proyecto comunicativo cuyo objetivo está resumido claramente en su lema: ser “una brecha en el bloqueo mediático” a Cuba...

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Mayday Teachers March in Oaxaca, Government Workers break police barricades

30-04-2007 18:42

On 1 May 2007, as the world marches for Labour Day and Workers Rights, Oaxaca, Mexico, will see Section 22 of the teachers union march on the zocalo.

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Work as Fetish

30-04-2007 15:25

What is good for the economy and what is good for people diverge more and more! Nevertheless the opposite is drummed into people.. Capitalism only knows the irrational end-in-itself, making more money out of money until the end of time.. Capitalism strikes its own limits.

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Bin revolution gathers pace

30-04-2007 15:20

It takes a lot to get people to do more than moan and groan, and yet axing bin collections seems to have galvanised the masses into action.

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Presidential Candidate Wants to Supplement Social Security

30-04-2007 13:52

The Social Security Administration was established in 1937 under the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it was an important part of Roosevelt’s New Deal to America; now 70 years since the system was introduced, Stewart Alexander, Candidate for President, wants to give more to an aging America.

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participation not false representation

30-04-2007 12:50

Power to Imagination
from liberal to political democracy ~!

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Birmingham BNP Election Fraud

30-04-2007 09:05

Brummagem Star exposes BNP candidates using bogus nominees for the 3rd of May council elections.

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Manchester No2ID Events, May 2007

29-04-2007 17:35

Manchester No2ID Logo
Manchester No2ID has another busy calendar of opposition to the Database State lined up!

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Department of Health Leak: Government Can't Be Trusted With Your Details

29-04-2007 17:13

Manchester No2ID Logo
NO2ID campaigners recently condemned the Department of Health's mass exposure of student and junior doctors' private information over the internet [1].
Highly sensitive personal details - including ethnicity, sexuality and religion - held on the controversial Medical Training Application Service system were openly available online.

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Vote No2ID in Manchester Local Elections 2007!

29-04-2007 16:22

Manchester No2ID Logo
The Local Elections in May will elect councillors in over 30 wards to Manchester City Council. Manchester No2ID are making sure that ID cards are on the agenda, and are giving residents the information they need to vote on this issue.

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Estonia, Talinn: Riots- 1 dead, hundreds hurt, city devasted

29-04-2007 15:47

Talinn looks like a city in war: shops, buildings are burning. Everywhere people are beaten by police.
Yesterday night thousands of people rioted because the governemnt brought to fall "the sovjet soldier" - a monument in the middle of the city that honoured the anti-fascist soldiers of the sovjet army who freed Talinn from the nazis in WW II.

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Mayday 2007 - Camberwell Squatted Centre, Maypoles and Picnic

29-04-2007 13:44


Procession from Camberwell Squatted Centre, 2pm to Mayday picnic in Kennington Park, London SE11 from 3pm onwards.

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Asymmetry delivers Victory

29-04-2007 08:46

From Sun tzu to today’s flying LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) the fundamental decisive factors determining the outcome of war have never changed – though some ‘superpowers’ would have us all believe otherwise. The determining factors are and have always been, intelligence, skill, ingenuity and tactics – all other factors, including high technology, are secondary. The outcome of War is determined by and anchored in the warrior.