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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Tell Alistair Darling to stand up to the banks

08-12-2009 14:18

Tell Alistair Darling you support a tax on bank bonuses:

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Self-Harm in Immigration detention July/August/September 2009

08-12-2009 14:17

Figures on self-harm in immigration detention between July and September 2009 inclusive under the following headings:

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Human Rights day in Sheffield 10th December

08-12-2009 07:44

Celebrate Human Rights Day In Sheffield
Thursday 10th December
12.30 Barkers Pool. Rally with speakers and street theatre. Bring your banners.
16.30.-18.00 Candle lit vigil outside Sheffield Railway Station

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Urgent: Rebellion in Congo

08-12-2009 07:21

Belgian Paratroopers to crush rising Congo rebellion?

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Actions for Anniversary of Israel's Massacres in Gaza

08-12-2009 00:53

...take direct action..

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Meet the commanded-in-chief

07-12-2009 17:59

"In Congress, a senate maneuver that only a few years ago was so rare that the response to it was nicknamed "the nuclear option" - needing a 60-vote majority to pass anything of significance - has, almost without comment, become a commonplace for the passage of just about anything. This means Congress is eternally in a state of gridlock. And that's just for starters when it comes to ways in which the US government, so ready to surge its military and its civilian employees into Afghanistan in the name of good governance, is in need of repair, if not nation-building itself."

and if this was not bad enough:

"Think of this as Obama's anti-MacArthur moment. In April 1951, in the midst of the Korean War, president Harry Truman relieved Douglas MacArthur of command of the American forces. He did so because the general, a far grander public figure than either McChrystal or Central Command (CENTCOM) commander General Petraeus (and with dreams of his own about a possible presidential run), had publicly disagreed with, and interfered with, Truman's plans to "limit" the war after the Chinese intervened.

Obama, too, has faced what Robert Dreyfuss in Rolling Stone calls a "generals' revolt" - amid fears that his Republican opposition would line up behind the insubordinate field commanders and make hay in the 2010 and 2012 election campaigns. Obama, too, has faced a general, Petraeus, who has played a far subtler game than MacArthur ever did. After more than two months of what right-wing critics termed "dithering" and supporters called "thorough deliberations", Obama dealt with the problem quite differently to Truman. He essentially agreed to subordinate himself to the publicly stated wishes of his field commanders. (Not that his Republican critics will give him much credit for doing so, of course.) This is called "politics" in our country and, for a Democratic president in our era, Tuesday night's end result was remarkably predictable.

When Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor on his recent Asian tour, there was a media uproar in this country. Even though the speech last Tuesday night should be thought of as bowing to the American military, there is likely to be little complaint on that score. Similarly, despite the significance of symbolism in Washington, there has been surprisingly little discussion about the president's decision to address the American people not from the Oval Office but from the US Military Academy at West Point."

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Piss-Poor EDL Defending England's Heritage

07-12-2009 14:07

The EDL's finest turned up in Nottingham on Saturday aiming to do battle like street-fighting knights of the realm.

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Jobbik fascists meeting in Kentish Town, North London

07-12-2009 12:57

Yesterday, the extreme nationalist Hungarian party Jobbik made in roads in
attempting to influence the Hungarian community in London.

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New Research on BNP voting levels 2009 covering 310 wards

07-12-2009 11:52

This is part 2 of a 2 part pilot study of BNP voting levels, covering the totality of the UK electoral political field. 310 wards were used where results are available, from 16.10.08 to 27.8.09, all from the ALDC website.

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Give Up Anti-Fascism: An Anarchist Response

07-12-2009 10:10

An article appeared in the August edition of Red Pepper magazine entitled ‘Anti-fascism Isn’t Working’. Written by a non-aligned anarchist it was originally called ‘Give Up Anti-fascism’ it is this version we shall be referring to here for the simple reason it’s both the author’s original edit and the one most read, by radicals at least.

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EDL Violence In Nottingham

07-12-2009 00:34

Video of the EDL engaging in violence and vandalism outside Nottingham Castle.

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New Fargate Speaker out (Dec/Jan issue)

06-12-2009 23:09

In This Issue: Sheffield stands against deportations, surviving a Credit Crunch Christmas, Fargate Calling - a look at Sheffield’s radical past, Sports, News and other views.

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11 January 2010: Demonstrate to mark EIGHT years of Guantánamo, London

06-12-2009 19:04

President Obama has conceded that Guantánamo Bay will NOT close by 22 January 2010, breaking yet another promise and leaving over 200 prisoners in perpetual limbo. Prison conditions have not improved and in the past eight years, there has been only one conviction on a lesser charge. Join as we call for the closure of Guantánamo Bay to arbitrary detention, no to torture, freedom and justice for all...take a long lunch break and come and join us.

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Announcement of the Occupied Theatre School in Thessaloniki (Greece)

06-12-2009 04:33

There is a way out of this system which destroys our life, a system whose only function is to reproduce and to manage the corruption that is originally created by it. The way out can be found to each one separately and to everyone together. As long as we can still listen to the message coming out from the insurrection of December 2008.

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Pics: The Climate Wave demo & Cop Out Camp out action, Sat 5th Dec

05-12-2009 22:01

Tripods and banner go up in the 'Cop Out Camp Out' swoop in Trafalgar Sq
Over 40,000 people took to the streets today for The Wave climate demo in central London in anticipation to the COP15 Climate Summit due to take place in Copenhagen in the next two weeks. Here there a few pics of the demo:

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05-12-2009 21:26

Approximately 150-160 people have been detained as a means of terrorisation whilst also preventing and deterring others from participating in demonstrations marking the anniversary of the murder of a 15 year old youth in Athens. As a result the Polytechnic University of Athens has been Occupied and actions called.

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Chomsky as Chávez’s Clown

05-12-2009 19:02

* This article criticizes the weak and untenable posture the celebrated North American linguist and essayist holds in support of the current Venezuelan government. It was originally published in Venezuela’s anarchist newspaper El Libertario, issue # 57.

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To defend the right of social protest!

05-12-2009 19:00

* From Venezuela, a group of social organizations and human rights, students and academic groups as well as different individuals, launch this call for a campaign to defend the right to protest, which today is being systematically violated by the government of Hugo Chávez. This document was originally published in Spanish in El Libertario newspaper, # 57 (

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Climate Camp sets up at Trafalgar Square

05-12-2009 18:35

Press Release from Camp for Climate Action UK

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COP15: Be part of the party!

05-12-2009 17:22

Copenhagen – COP15 – World Climate Summit

On December 12th 2009 a mass demonstration against the COP15 Climate Summit will take place in Copenhagen. A mixture of very different people, groups and organizations are going to participate.

Unfortunately, the official route of the demonstration will directly lead out of the city centre...