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Pictures: N25 Oaxaca Burns Again, Down with URO and the PFP

indychiapas - luna | 26.11.2006 09:00 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Zapatista

the Seventh Megamarch returned a scene of total war to the historic city centre of oaxaca this evening. the battle started nearing 4pm, shortly after the people layed siege to Zocalo Square and the PFP. it lasted several hours, until the Federal Repressor Force (PFP) started to advance through different areas of the city, arresting and beating dozens of people amongst them many women in their way. there are reports that talk of more than 400 disappeared, dozens of arrested and people wounded with life ammunition coming from the PFP. the number of wounded is still unknown.

resistance, rebellion.

indychiapas - luna