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Edinburgh Vigil

AO | 08.07.2005 00:26 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

From 9pm, a small group gathered beside the galleries on Princes Street / The Mound to hold a vigil in support of those killed and wounded in the London bombings and in recognition of the violence of the past week.

A small group were present, never more than 100 or so, with many tourists and tired activists walking through, confused as the Waverly end of Princes Street had been closed by yet another bomb threat.

The atmosphere was calm, not overly solemn, but certainly not a joyous occasion.

Compared to previous days, there was a minimal police presence, more related to the continuing bomb warnings on the main street than the vigil itself, though convoys of police vans, a familiar sight in Edinburgh these days, continued to hurtle up and down the street.

Most of the crowd had drifted away by 11pm, likly in order to catch the final bus home.

At about 11:45, a couple of yobs came along and tore the banners down, ******s.

I walked home through Edinburgh, the city is very quiet, with hardly any traffic away from the main roads.