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Don't follow US down the dark road of terrifying political deception and war!

Dancing Dave | 09.07.2005 04:26 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

A message from the post-9/11 US to citizens of the UK who DON'T want their country to go down this same dark catastrophic road! TRUTH and JUSTICE are needed--and it's up to YOU to make up your mind.

We just don't know what really happened in London recently, indeed we are just now begining to unearth the hidden truth about what happened in New York on 9/11/2001, all those years ago! Webster Tarpley ( )and David Ray Griffin ( ) are two independent minded 9/11 researchers that everyone in the U.K. should read NOW! Don't follow US down the dark road of terrifying government deception, loss of civil rights, financial ruin and endless war!!! Don't let any government officials speaking through your media fool you with lies and propaganda about what happened in London!!! Start collecting evidence of who had forknowledge and what did they do or not do!!! Understand the physics of all the crime scenes! A good place to start is the investigative site Propaganda Matrix: But then you WILL have to go out and talk to people yourselves! Talk to every witness to the criminal events you can find. Look for contradictions, improbabilities and impossibilities in the official version. Consider carefully who would have the most motive to do this crime RIGHT AT THIS TIME!!!

Start a 7/7 Truth and Justice movement. Hold your leaders accountable. Think for yourselves about what really happened in order to save your country from Fascism. And, good God!, don't let your country go down the dark way mine has gone due to public ignorance about the real politics and economics behind the 9/11 Propaganda Coup! Don't let official propaganda and cover-up's succeed!

Please respond to this post, so at least we'll know that somebody cares.

Good Luck, you will need it!
Dancing Dave

Dancing Dave
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