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EDL/UAF London 5th March 2010 - disinformation and what actually happened

durruti02 | 05.03.2010 18:47 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Terror War | Liverpool

UAF continually created disinfo about this demonstration. why?

firstly the UAF decided to label this a joint EDL/BNP march.

why? while it is known there are BNP involved with EDL the BNP has regularly attacked the EDL as hooligans, trouble makers and state dupes. The point is clear, that UAF understand that people no longer see EDL as bad enough in their own right so they must be attatched to the BNP.

second they circulated impetuous nonsense regarding the demo that anyone with any knowledge of the EDL know was untrue. this below was circulated wildly in the day before the event when it must have been becoming clear to the UAF office their turnout would be tiny

Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy 04 March at 14:57 Reply
The Met Police have just informed the Unite Against Fascism office that over 1000 EDL members have registered on coaches coming to London for tomorrow morning and they warn of many more making their own way here. This has now made building anti-fascist numbers tomorrow even more urgent.

The police have said the EDL are co-ordinating different groups to meet at Leicester Square 'Wetherspoons', Kings Cross, Ruislip, Vauxhall, Pimlico and other locations and are to descend on Westminister. The police also said that the EDL intend to march to parliment but after plan to split off into groups and 'visit' Finsbury Park and White Chapel - highly populated areas of ethnic minorities and especially Muslims.... See more

If there is not a massive counter-protest to this, enough people to keep the EDL in Westminister, then we will see a return of the violence that occured in Stoke where the EDL attacked mosques, smashed shop windows and burnt out cars.

Please mobilise for this urgently as we cannot allow the EDL to riot and go on what is essentially a pogrom in Muslim areas, as they did in Stoke.

Assemble tomorrow, 11am outside parliament.

In unity, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, NUS Black Students' Officer, NUS Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism Convenor "

So did the Met tell UAF this? It would be interesting if the UAF published the email. Someone somewhere was having someone on. Was it the Met or the UAF making up porkies?

And in the event what happened? 250 maybe 300 EDL and 100 maybe 150 UAF. The frenzied facebook and email demands of UAF and their SWP supporters to re-enact Cable Street against hoards of muslim eating Nazis are no longer starting to look nonsense but finally and utterly finished. IF we were to believe the UAFs frenzied propaganda then a turn out of 100 people is utterly feeble and embaressing.

EDL showed they are as always a collection of ex army, football crews, kids of a mainly loyalist hue. Anti anything what they see as threatening 'their england'; lefties, muslims and nazis. And not a Nazi to be seen and a few young black and scarfed faces. One shouts at the cameras " Am i a Nazi?? Am I a Nazi??" mockingly.

And do they need to be confronted? Yes of course; for uncritical support for a nationalist myth, for failure to acknowledge that those who rule this country are white and british, for a failure to understand they are scapegoating all muslims in their just opposition to Islamism, failure to understand what the British army is doing in the East etc. .. but not like this, not like what UAF does with lies and disinformation



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