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Pfizer Acquires Wyeth & Double Amount of Demos

SHAC | 29.01.2009 23:06 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | South Coast

Now that Pfizer owns Wveth after a buy out, we had to send our wishes, SHAC style.

Let this be a warning. SHAC demos are spontaneous and will happen anywhere at anytime to anyone who continues to profit from the monsters inside Huntingdon Life sciences when they abuse innocent kittens and puppies.

Activists from the south paid a whistle stop visit to Wyeth in Gosport. We approached the site with three megaphones blaring letting everyone inside know exactly why we were there. After slamming the gates in our face (giving us somewhere to hang the banner from) Security was not expecting any excitement from this rather quiet area of the world and had to call for backup to sit in cars and watch the demonstration.

It takes one statement to SHAC to stop the demos, but now we have worked out what a superb place this is for making noise, we will be back time and again until all ties with HLS are severed.

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