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new free space in brighton

ray | 05.05.2006 10:33 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | South Coast

community centre reclaimed

The autonomous community and creative social space at the Ray Tindle centre on upper gardner street in brightons north lanes will be opening on saturday the 6th of may. The space will be used for all kinds of creative and socially minded workshops and events. You are the community so come and make this happen. Whatever ideas, materials or positive energies you can share would be great whether its running a workshop, serving teas bringing useful tat, or just spreading the word. Come and get involved.



Ah, my favorite media mogul

05.05.2006 16:02

Sir Ray owns over 100 newspapers in the UK, dozens of magazines and about 7 radio stations. He is one of the countries biggest media moguls but most people have never heard of him. It would be truelly appropriate if this new social centre put on some event focused around the media.

google, "Troubled Times" "totnes" "newspaper"


WAKE-UP the Streets of Brighton!!

08.05.2006 16:47

this weekend is the Grand Opening of the free space...

here is more information about it below..

This is good news - free to be passed on to anyone who may like to contribute..

Last week, a community centre in the North Laines called the Ray Tindle Centre, Upper Gardner Street was reclaimed by community members. You may know it...

Like-minded community (we are the community) folks out there may like to contribute by exchanging skills, giving a workshop, or having a space for an event they haven't been able to do in the past..

The Ray Tindle Centre has been closed for about three years. The developer refuses to finish the remodelling thus preventing it from being opened for use. The other half of the centre has been converted into flats (gentrification at it's best). The History is displayed on the front of the centre..

People from the community have reopened as a Brighton Social Centre. (No drugs!, no alcohol!, no dogs!) This Friday, May 12th will be the Grand Opening! - WAKE-UP the Streets of Brighton – The aim is to get members from the community in to show the Council how the space can be used. There is a wish list (art supplies, chairs, white board, etc..) of items needed posted inside..

Why is the Ray Tindle Centre important?
- there is a lack of affordable/accessible community spaces in Brighton
- Brighton sells itself on the arts, yet takes away spaces from small groups to gather and create..
- the planning permission for the use of Ray Tindle was not handled properly (more details at the centre..)
- Brighton Festival events were scheduled for Ray Tindle in the past two years, but they did not happen because the developer refuses to finish it (wheelchair accessible toilet, fire proof sheet board for the stairway, adequate sound proofing) and was not/ is still not open!!

this weekend - WAKE-UP the Streets of Brighton
the idea is to draw people to the centre next weekend (May 12th, 13th, 14th) to highlight this issue while it is squatted as a community centre. During this time, the space can grow for the community and show how recycled goods with community effort can make a nice space..

anyone who would like to contribute to this is more than welcome to pop-by and sign up for a time to exchange skills, give a workshop, or just bring good energy.. this week it is being fixed up to look pretty for a grand opening on Friday!!

lit'l sparrow