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Athens: death of a (riot) dog.

Chios Seperatists | 11.05.2010 19:50 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A well known anarchist activist (of the canine kind), known as 'S@ns Papiers' , sadly passed away after dying of natural causes, following childbirth. She was founder of a group known as the Bl@ck Dogs, co-members were her puppies.

Early on Saturday the 8th of May, S@ns Papiers passed away, 2 months after a difficult pup-birth, aged six. She had 3 puppies, Petras, Luben and Giganta (Giant).
She first took to the streets early, in 2006, in Athens and elsewhere, as her mother grew and her human carer was attacked with flash-bangs and chemicals. In December 2008 she was with human comrades in the thick of the social-class struggle. On the 5th of May S@ns Papiers managed to reach the entrance of the parliament, placard in mouth!
S@ns Papiers was buried alongside her gran with honor, as and "enemy of the state".

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Numerous photos of this comrade are shown!

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