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Athens: death of a (riot) dog.

Chios Seperatists | 11.05.2010 19:50 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A well known anarchist activist (of the canine kind), known as 'S@ns Papiers' , sadly passed away after dying of natural causes, following childbirth. She was founder of a group known as the Bl@ck Dogs, co-members were her puppies.

Early on Saturday the 8th of May, S@ns Papiers passed away, 2 months after a difficult pup-birth, aged six. She had 3 puppies, Petras, Luben and Giganta (Giant).
She first took to the streets early, in 2006, in Athens and elsewhere, as her mother grew and her human carer was attacked with flash-bangs and chemicals. In December 2008 she was with human comrades in the thick of the social-class struggle. On the 5th of May S@ns Papiers managed to reach the entrance of the parliament, placard in mouth!
S@ns Papiers was buried alongside her gran with honor, as and "enemy of the state".

An abridged translation of
Numerous photos of this comrade are shown!

Chios Seperatists


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What a wanker!!!

11.05.2010 21:53

Would all these AL wankers stop spouting shite about 'human carers', non-human animals etc etc. It makes you sound like a right bunch of idiots.

This twat on about his dog being a riot dog. Fucking hell! Did the human carer ever ask the non-human animal if she wanted to go to riots or did the smile on her face say it all?


Micky you idiot

11.05.2010 22:26

No, it was a horizontal decision made by consensus. The dog fetched the sticks to build the placards and then wrote on it and put its paw print on it. I saw this. The owner did not coerce the dog to do anything outside of its own chosing. She was disillusioned with the whole capitalist system and fought bravely for a free world where dogs can vote and earn a minimum wage. Her death will set an example for all the other brave dogs who fight against capitalism and repression.

crazy horse

Don't take dogs on demos

11.05.2010 23:28

It makes me sick when I see people taking dogs on demos especially ones that are likely to kick off. Ironically I see a lot on animal rights demos.



12.05.2010 04:25

It makes me sick when I see middle class idiots dress their dogs up in jumpers and other pathetic attire as if they are yet another piece of decorative property that the owner needs to put his/her stamp on.

As for a dog at a protest. It definately isn't dragged there, therefore has much more of a choice than the ones that are paraded around the streets of the western 'civilised' world in their new fashionwear. So it attends a protest, runs about a bit, chases a few coppers, and returns home. Only Daily Mail idiots like yourself would associate a protest (even in Greece) with a deathtrap. Your comments never cease to demonstrate your inherent ability to talk bollocks.


the big yellow riot dog of Athens lives! the struggle continues!

12.05.2010 05:01

The black labrador type dog that is the subject of this story did not look brilliantly happy about carrying placards (as far as i can tell!). Sad she has died.

But this is not the famous Athens riot dog - the big yellow one they call 'Kanellos' - as featured in the mass media like the guardian and all over e-lists, blogs, etc.
see here:

thats one amazing dog!


Why only dogs?

12.05.2010 08:38

Isn't it about time we had gerbils on demos? I think we have as much right to express our political views as anyone else. Perhaps the odd goldfish and budgie wouldn't hurt either? Diversity is strength!

Kevin the gerbil

furry activists

12.05.2010 09:47

Putting animals in dangerous conflict situations is inexcusable, particularly when the only reason the twattish owner is doing this is to enhance his (usually his) image as a streetfighting man.
T your suggestion that the dog has a choice in the matter is laughable - how exactly would the risks be explained? 'Woof woof kettling woof woof tear gas'? Yeah right.



12.05.2010 11:46

This really isn't news but in response to those who are arguing about the irresponsibility of people who take their dogs on demos, aren't most dogs in Athens ferral dogs? They walk the streets and sleep in the cities squares, the Guardian endorsed riot dog could well be a ferral animal who is attracted by the noise and comotion of a riot?


Don't pick on us!

12.05.2010 12:40

I am a dog and I find the comments here very depressing.

I have been around for almost eight years now and have gone to almost two hundred demo's. Mostly animal rights but also anti-war, anti-capitalism and others. I have marched, barked, taken part in non violent direct action and alerted everyone when squirrels are nearby. I even poo'd on a policeman's boot once.

I am one of many members of the 'Foreward Intelligence Canine Unit' FICU. I work secretly with a German Shephard who is undercover at a police station in London who passes information on to us about police deployments, foreward planning, resource scheduling, equipment supplies and which officers have smelly crotches.

So I resent the comments here. You lot don't understand the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of a world free of capitalism, war, corruption and people who put our private business in plastic shopping bags while we're out walking, have you any idea how demeaning and embarrassing that is. My owner (silly cow that she is) actually tried to get me to poo into the bag once after that time when I had a squirty-bottom because I ate some of the curry off her dinner plate after she'd gone to bed the night before.

So please don't reduce the contribution of our comrades to trivia and silliness. Without us you wouldn't have the doggy-position so think about that!



animal rights activists to the front!

12.05.2010 14:25

animal rights activists of all countries right to the front in Athens! First battle line to confront the coppers. Stuff all philistines.

I hear with disgust that some greek protesters eat meat, or even frequent brothels and massage parlors, if they can still afford it.

I don´t want to be part of a revolution which isn´t perfect.

PS anarchists shot priests in Spain!



12.05.2010 22:37

A perfect revolution lol what are you on about?