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Police entrapment on student demo in London 24.11.10

Mayday | 25.11.2010 12:02 | Policing | Public sector cuts | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Letter sent to the Guardian about the policing of the student protest in London

The policing of the student demonstration in London yesterday (24.11.10) was nothing short of corrupt. The police play the 'innocent' game frequently, but in this case it is totally blatant as anybody with an authentically independent mind saw.

The placing of an empty police minibus (in Whitehall) in the path of a known militant march of student demonstrators is a 'red rag to a bull'. It is nothing short of entrapment and because of the huge policing resources and plans the police made to kettle demonstrators, is part of a deliberate 'newsmaking' for the right wing dominated media.

It is also intimidating for protestors to be pushed around and contained, and as such is an attack on the right to demonstrate. If there are any police still interested in real policing, I hope they will disassociate themselves from the operational plans and decision making of the Metropolitan police for that protest march.


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