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Zaffar | 27.09.2007 14:49 | No Border Camp 2007 | Migration | Social Struggles

A protestor arrested by this wanker, for allegedly saying wanker, on the street, to her friend on the way to a protest. The reasoning given was that children might have hear it, she did not shout it, she just said it to her friend, possibly about the cop, who only proved her right by arresting her.
What a wanker!

Ok, we were walking towards the meeting point, two cops were walking towards us, the person was talking to her friend where she allegedly said wanker, I was only a meter behind her and did not hear it, her cop then, in a very aggresive manner said : "I've heard that!", and arrested her, this must be the crap arrest of the No Borders camp, the protestor is now banned from Sussex!
There is no doubt he is a wanker, I suggest that when ever anyone sees him, he reminds him of what a wanker he is!



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