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Dorina Lisson (ACADP Australia) | 28.01.2016 11:09 | Culture | Social Struggles | World

In 2015, people were legally executed in a total of 19 countries. It is important to note that many worldwide executions are not reported by government authorities and therefore, not reported by the media.

Reported Worldwide Executions in 2015 :

In many executing countries around the world the number of death row prisoners and the number of actual numbers of state-sanctioned executions remain a closely guarded ‘state secret’ - shrouded in secrecy. No information is made public and therefore, reliable data is impossible to obtain. In some cases the authorities do not inform family members, lawyers, media or the public in advance of executions taking place.

Reported worldwide executions took place in the following countries in 2015:

China (25 reported, several thousand suspected) … Iran (741) … Pakistan (303) … Saudi Arabia (152) … USA (28) … Somalia (23) … Indonesia (14) … Egypt (12) … Chad (10) … Taiwan (6) … Iraq (6) … Bangladesh (4) … Afghanistan (3) … Japan (3) … Jordan (2) … Singapore (1) … United Arab Emirates (1) … India (1) … Kurdistan (3)

Note: Many countries (apart from USA) do not release accurate/official information on the numbers of death row prisoners, nor the accurate numbers of state-sanctioned executions; many executions take place in secret.

Many countries are thought to have executed many more people than the official reported figures indicated above. The true numbers are unknown.

The following methods of executions (many in public) were used in 2015:
Beheading, Hanging, Shooting, Hanging by Crane, Firing Squad, Lethal injection, Stoning, Torture, and a variety of other brutal methods including throwing homosexuals off roof top buildings to their death.

According to reports by various worldwide human rights organizations, it is believed that China executes thousands of people every year, more than the rest of the world put together. Chinese authorities treat the death penalty as a ‘state secret’ and accurate/credible figures are impossible to determine.

Iran continued on an official execution spree in 2015. Most executions took place in public squares where hundreds of spectators gathered to watch, film, and cheer. At least 741 executions were officially acknowledged by the Iranian authorities, but hundreds more were credibly reported to have taken place in secret.

Family members are often not informed of the execution beforehand. After ‘secret’ executions take place, the authorities have reportedly refused to hand over the deceased body to family members for burial.

Political ‘double standards’ and ‘hypocrisy’ continues - where millions of dollars in ‘blood money’ is paid by governments to save the lives its own citizens in foreign countries, while at the same time carrying out executions in their own country, eg. Indonesia has paid millions of dollars in ‘blood money’ to various countries to save the lives of their own citizens abroad, whilst executing foreign nationals mostly for drug-related crimes.

Dorina Lisson (ACADP Australia)
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