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Memorial for Carlos, antifascist killed by a nazi in Spain.

Antifascist Concentration Saturday 24th Noon. | 19.11.2007 00:03 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Next Saturday 24th noon at Southbank, by the monument to the international brigades in Jubilee Gardens, we´ll gather to honour the memory of Carlos, an antifascist who was killed two weeks ago by a nazi in Madrid.

On November the 11th a nazi party had called a demonstration against inmigrants in a working class area of Madrid, a neighbourhood where workers from many parts of the wolrd live. This racist provocation had been authorised by the government. To protest against this, many antifascists gathered to defend the area. While on his way there, Carlos was stabbed in the heart by a nazi with a hunting knife. He bleed to death on an underground platform. He was sixteen. Another friend of him, Alex, was also stabbed and his recovering in hospital to a chest wound.
Only in the last week there were up to five fascist and nazi demos in Madrid, four of which had been authorised by the governement. The antifascist platform had called for one on the 24th which has been banned. On that same day, we will gather to honour the memory of our comrade Carlos, and to protest the criminalisation of the antifascist movement by the spanish authorities and the media.

Saturday 24th November Antifascist Concentration.
Meet at 12:00 by the monument to the international brigades @ Jubilee Gardens, Southbank.

Anarchist Federation London Group

Antifascist Concentration Saturday 24th Noon.
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Thank you companions

19.11.2007 13:01

Thank you companions of England, also in Germany and them it shows to the Antifascist ones of brotherhood from Sardinia y Portugal.

An embrace and greeting and graces companions Antifascistas and Anticapitalist.

The working class does not deal on races and borders, the solidarity runs and is so strong as the gunpowder.



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