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Helsinki Support Demo for Thessaloniki

Lenny and helsinki squatters and everyone who've helped | 29.09.2003 18:09 | Thessaloniki EU | Social Struggles | World

Support demo in Helsinki, Monday 29 September 2003

A solidarity demo took place in Helsinki today. 30-40 protesters gathered on
the Senate square in the center of Helsinki and proceeded to the Greek
embassy carrying banderolls demanding the release of the prisoners and making
themselves heard. An appeal for the release of the Thessaloniki prisoners
with few hundred signatrures was handed to the embassy employees (the
embassador wasn't present at the time) and a symbolic black backpack with
water molotovs and rubber hammer and axe. Protesters shouted slogans in Greek
and made a lot of noise. Some press was covering the event so Simon's case
should receive at least some publicity. Hope we've helped, greets and support
to Simon and others from us :)

Lenny and helsinki squatters and everyone who've helped