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Peace in the Park Parade

Jason | 02.05.2006 14:15 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield

On Saturday 3rd June the general cemetary hosts the 4th Peace in the Park festival, but it would be a pity to just have just one little island of peace in the city, so we would like to have a Parade of Peace and Understanding, going from the centre and moving through Sheffield to the festival.

We thought the G8 march last year provided a really good atmosphere and political focus for the festival. This year it would be good to again have stuff happening in town, turning into a fun and fluffy parade that will both inform and invite.

There is a meeting to organise the parade on Thursday 4th May from 7pm at the Matilda Social Centre on Matilda St (for directions see All ideas and all participation welcome!



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  1. Hack Lab Cooking this Thursday at Matilda — 0742